Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Equality Under the Law


Another week has gone by and that means it's time for another instalment of Thoughts of the Day with Grandpa Lampshade. That's right goys, it's frogcast time! We start off by getting straight to the meat of this false notion of equality as applied today, which flies in the face of what our ancestors who built our societies believed in. Not all men are created equal and no one historically has ever thought that. The equality that our forefathers believed in was equality under the law, something that those of us who subscribe to National Socialism also believe in. However, equality under the law does not mean that the races or sexes are also equal, that is to say, the same. It flies in the face of observable reality and is yet another of the lies perpetrated on us daily by the Marxist Jew. While promising equality, the Marxist brings us nothing but strife and misery even to those he uses as his weapons. If White built western civilization ends, there will not be anyone from any race who will get to enjoy these societies.

Next we move to the level of absurdity that we have now reached with Blacks and their never ending demands, all brought about by the Jew's false doctrine of equality. Grandpa then moves on to touch on the topic of Libertarians. Grandpa usually chooses to leave the libertarians alone, as so many have come to full fash from the libertarian stand point and the libertarian view is a natural growth stage in many people's political lives. Viewed in the context of it being a temporary condition, it is not necessarily unhealthy. However with some they never mature beyond what, when placed under the light of logic and observable reality, is a child like and immature political philosophy.

Moving on to the Trump front, the commission that decides debates is working to schedule the debates in a manner where the fewest people possible will be able to watch them. We all know why, because Trump will mop the floor with Hillary. It is bound to be epic so their obvious play here is to get as few people as possible to watch the debates, so that the media can then play what choice clips they can to make Hillary look good and Trump look like a fool. On the topic of collusion to stop Trump, Grandpa discusses the media's efforts to paint a narrative of Hillary looking victorious and of Trump failing. Sadly, many on our own side seem to be letting them have this victory and tear down our morale. Grandpa points out that just a few weeks ago, we were all talking about the DNC hacked emails showing the DNC working with the media to stop Bernie Sanders. Now we are shocked that they are working with the DNC against Trump? Stop letting them get to you, don't get discouraged and keep charging forward.

Our final topic before moving on to the listener questions/comments segment is the importance of dismantling the Jewish usury financial system. This corrupt system enslaves our people, destroys their spirit and hobbles our ability to achieve great things, all while empowering these corrupt rat Jews. We must make it a top priority to put a system in place that strips these kikes of this power and frees our people once and for all to achieve the things that they are so capable of achieving.

Moving into the listeners questions and comments segment, the first one up comes via Radio Aryan chat and Okuma asks about the notion floating about that the European Union has kept Europe from any wars. Grandpa Lampshade rips this fallacy apart in short order and in doing so, points out that the EU is responsible for the current mudvasion which is placing Europe at the brink of war, right now this very moment. Our next listener’s question comes via Twitter and concerns the topic of a dear listener observing the phenomena of White men with Asian girls. What's up with this? Not just anyone would wade off into this waifu sensitive topic but Grandpa Lampshade is not just anyone. This topic is dealt with head on with hard to hear truths that only GPL can bring you. Prepare to cling to your anime hug pillow and get your jimmies rustled because great times, fun discussion and insightful commentary lie straight ahead with Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Equality Under the Law – GL 080916

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