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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Fighting for the Survival of All


It's Tuesday, that can only mean one thing: Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day! The big news of the past week was of course Hillary's Alt-Right speech, which she gave instead of a snooze-fest talk about her economic plans which by now we are all aware of: ship our jobs overseas and import cheap labor to keep those profit margins up. Hillary's Alt-Right speech when you cut it down to the brass tacks so to speak, is that certain people should be prevented from having a political voice. Even though we fight wars for our ‘democratic values’ all over the world, there are some people (namely anyone who disagrees with the left) who should not be allowed a political voice. Can you imagine a politician coming out and saying that Blacks or any other demographic group should not be allowed a political voice? Yet it is ok for them to shout it from the roof tops that we should all be shut down and silenced.

As we watch the Marxists flailing around in all directions trying to attack us, it becomes apparent that they have no idea on how to deal with this. They have never encountered an enemy like us who are not effected by their shame words and name calling. So what about election fraud? Believe it or not, there are limits to how much election fraud our opponents can pull off and not have it be too obvious. For if it becomes obvious that the entire game is rigged, then the whole system will implode on itself and come down on their heads. This is why they have to do all they can to try and keep the vote close and why they are working so hard to encourage us to stay home and not even bother trying.

The Republicucks who have been completely AWOL during the past 8 years and let Obama have free reign to run amok and do as he pleased, are now trying to ignore the precedent that they themselves set by claiming that a President Trump will have to respect the checks, balances and authority of the Congress. Trump is populist and popular with the people and yet these cucks who set themselves in opposition to him just do not understand why their campaigns are running into trouble. What about Trump himself? Is he beginning to cuck out already on his promises to deport these people in the country illegally, or is this yet another attempt to get you to stay at home and not bother voting? We must bear in mind that to get elected, Trump has got to appeal to as broad a voter base as possible. One thing about it we do know is that we have no way to know for sure what Trump will do if he is elected, but we danged sure know that a Hillary Presidency will be a complete disaster. Grandpa delves into some of the truly nightmarish ways that a Hillary Presidency could spiral out of control and cost countless people their very lives. Yes, we are in a position where by opposing a Hillary Presidency we as White Nationalists and National Socialists are actually fighting not only for our own people's survival but for the survival of those other races as well.

After that we move into the always fun listener questions and comments segment of the program and our first question is from Racist Cat Lady from the Daily Stormer, looking for pointers for new Twitter Nazi recruits on the social media battlefield. What kind of advice can GPL offer? This is good stuff because we always have new folks both listening to the show and joining the fight. Next up also from the DS comments section, Blood of Thor asks at what point do we look to taking the streets and start physically taking it to the enemy. This is a tough question as there are so many variables and so many things in play right now. Grandpa does his best to answer this but it's hard without a crystal ball. What we do know is that we will be moving to this stage in concert with our online activities, with projects such as the Stormer Book Clubs.

Next via Radio Aryan chat we have a couple of questions from Okuma. The first deals with the riddle of why aren't the Japanese going through a stage of super development right now, what with them being nationalistic and not completely bogged down with importing the entirety of the Middle East and having all their shekels siphoned off by Blacks and Jews. To answer this, we can go back to the observations of the man himself Adolf Hitler, concerning the Japanese and how their periods of development came about in the past. The second question deals with raising our kids in the nationalistic way. Is there any point to this since they may very well abandon those ways and not hand them down to their own kids? Luckily we have Parent of the Year, Grandpa Lampshade to give us all the guidance we need in this matter. This also brings us to a topic that Grandpa has run into from time to time with folks on our own side: what responsibility do you have for the behavior of your family members and those related to you? We have all seen people fretting over and feeling guilt for the behavior of other people who happen to be related to them, but are in complete opposition to our beliefs. What do you do about it? Is it a reflection on you and your commitment to the movement? You can find the answers to this and so much more right here: on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Fighting for the Survival of All – GL 083016


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