Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance II


Harold Covington starts the show with his presidential horse race report and highlights the lack of people at her rallies, contrasted with the masses of supporters who turn up for Trump’s. Apparently she has a physical condition that prevents her being able to cope with stress, which could be why she has yet to give even one press conference and is showing signs of serious mental instability. The main narrative from the media is that Trump will lose and once Clinton wins we will then all be living in a utopian paradise. This has now lost the main networks a huge amount of viewers.

After a book review by Gretchen, Harold continues with Part 2 of his Ghostdance series, attempting to explain why we have yet to actually engage in any active resistance. This series is about trying to get people to change, to recover what our ancestors had that we are now missing. There is no time for pretending that the problem isn’t us, when it most definitely is. There are a list of excuses that people will bring up for not doing anything and Harold goes through some of them for us here, before weighing it all up against what has been done to us.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance II – RFN 081816

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