Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance – The World Must Change


Harold Covington presents the first part of his new Ghostdance series and makes it clear at the very beginning, that he is attempting to incite change, but not violence. He starts by explaining what the ghostdance was, how it was supposed to summon the ancestors of the red indians to their side to help them in their fight against the White man. This reminds him of what many of us are doing today, looking wistfully into the past and hoping for assistance from past heroes, instead of working to change the future right now.

Our ancestors fought and died to protect their people, they did not sit there and hope for someone else to do it for them. We are calmly facing an existential crisis where our priests are being beheaded and the Islamic hordes are openly bragging of inseminating our women in order to turn our countries brown, yet not a single invader has been harmed or even returned to where he came from. Anyone who dares to criticise the occupying forces or the traitors that facilitate them is imprisoned, while our only large scale nationalist parties are led by ‘movement modernisers’ who support what we should hate.

Whites appear to have completely fled from entire areas in order to give way to the savages, yet just seventy years ago we produced millions of soldiers to fight against one another, let alone a real enemy. What has happened to us?

This new Ghostdance series will be Harold’s attempt to answer this question and inspire us into taking action to avert the catastrophe.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance – The World Must Change – RFN 081116

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