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The last known public picture of Edgar Steele while still alive
Harold Covington begins this week’s podcast with an audio clip reminding us of what happened to Edgar Steele, before moving on to the big story this week concerning the revolting Moslem Khan, who the Democrats mistakenly thought would gain support for Clinton’s invasion agenda. Despite the huge support for Trump, Harold reminds us that we still have voter fraud to be concerned about, something the Democrats are well known for and that America never seems to do anything about.

After this, he gives us some ideas on how we can help the Northwest Front if we are unable to donate money and then Gretchen appears, to review ‘The East’ by Fritz Schroeder. This is a novel about a young boy’s experience during the war, of Hitler’s rise to power, his experience on the eastern front and the eventual handover of East Germany to the Russians. Gretchen feels the characters are driven by earthly needs, being ordinary individuals who have no sense of history and just want an easy life, apart from the author’s mother who has racial beliefs. The novel does not really deal enough with how communism ruined the life of farmers, but does do a good job of chronicling the various invasions of Russia over the years.

The Trucker calls in, with some advice for people who are definitely moving to the Northwest. He advises selling boats, motorcycles etc and anything else large and not essential, then using the money for moving expenses and renting a place once you get there. He also talks about different options to use than removal vans and stresses the importance of owning your own vehicle and ensuring it is not likely to break down before setting out.

Harold returns to talk some more about donations, before introducing Andy Donner who also has money on his mind this week. He thanks those who do send contributions and adds that he himself pays in more than the minimum amount suggested. We all need money and all political organisations need it in order to move forward, as Harold points out by comparing our movement to other successful independence movements. The only way to get funding for activism is from donors, a business venture is just a cash-cow for the tax farmers. There are various ways to get these donations and Harold outlines a few before settling on the best way to contribute to the NWF, which is for everyone to send a regular small donation. One thousand people donating just one dollar a week is one thousand dollars a week nearer towards achieving a White homeland. Dont think somebody else is going to do it, everyone needs to do it for the ‘small donation’ model to work.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: How You Can Help – RFN 080316

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