Radio Free Northwest: Stepping Outside the Tyrant’s Law


Harold Covington presents a new episode of Radio Free Northwest and begins by admitting some trepidation about releasing his new Ghostdance series, due to worries about free speech issues. After this brief aside, he then introduces Lord Lucan for a welcome return to the podcast with a warning about Gypsies, Moslems and Jews that takes in a potted history of England from Cromwell onwards.

Gretchen is back after that with a new review of a paper called ‘Jobbik – A Better Hungary at the Cost of Europe’ It is a Naval postgraduate’s thesis and he claims the party are unique in that over a quarter of them have degrees. It tells the whole history of Hungary and Gretchen describes this from the Austro-Hungarian revolution onwards. Hungary lost a large chunk of its landmass and population after the Trianon treaty in 1920 and Jobbik wish to get these lands back. They are also Euro-skeptic and are preparing a military wing for when the European Union all starts to fall apart. They have a distaste for the west and Americanisation, but instead have a love for tradition, which has unfortunately led to sympathies with parts of Islam. The author sees America as being an outpost of Israel, so his loyalties and the party’s lie more with Russia, Syria and Iran. Gretchen found the book interesting, good for learning about geo-politics and specifically for the Hungarian situation.

Harold then returns to give us a satirical piece on what might happen in November if the votes get stolen and the election is rigged. He cannot believe that Trump will win and questions what Donald will do when he realises he has been cheated. Will he have the courage to step outside the tyrant’s law? What would he need to do and does he have a plan for if this happens? Harold has some tips for him based on previous attempts at uprisings.

After this we get a clip from an interview with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock where Harold talks about his books and what inspires him, before describing similarities between the Black states of America and the Black ghettoes in London. The other races cannot exist without the White man paying for everything, yet at the same time they are trying to breed us out of existence. The only solution to this is the ethno-state and the only current White ethno-state in gestation is in the Pacific Northwest. So get yourself on over there and join them.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Stepping Outside the Tyrant’s Law – RFN 082416

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