The Daily Traditionalist: The Ancient Alliance of Islam and Jewry


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks to talk about the ancient alliance between Islam and Jewry for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist. He begins by relating the tale of Samuel ibn Naghrillah, a Jew who was favoured by the Moslems in Islamic Spain and given the highest position in society. The Moslem leaders would use the Jews as tax farmers, the same as the monarchy’s in Europe did, only in Islamic countries the Jews would not start revolutions like they do in the Christian ones. This particular Jew’s son was so wicked to the people that he was tax farming, that they rose up and crucified him.

This leads to a conversation on the parallels between Judaism and Islam. Matt fails to see any difference between the two and Sven points out that both encourage the abuse of non-Moslems and non-Jews. The idea that Islam is opposed to Jewry is a modern idea, promoted by anti-Zionists who only see the Jews of Israel as being a problem. Matt shows that once you dig a little bit deeper, you can see that the Islamic terrorist groups are all linked to the Jews. ISIS fighters get treated in Israeli hospitals and Israel’s foreign minister has said that he would rather have an Islamic state in Syria than a secular one under Bashar al Assad. Even the origins of Wahhabi Islam go back to just after the first world war and the Jew-controlled intelligence services of the West.

The Jews today are at the forefront of encouraging Islamic immigration into Europe and America and they are quite open about this. Matt likens this to Hoffman’s ‘Revelation of the method’ where the enemy gets to be so powerful that he can operate out in the open with no fear of being challenged. This serves two purposes, it demoralises the victim and makes it him give up all hope of resistance. This is why it is so encouraging to see Trump accusing Obama and Clinton of founding ISIS. It is quite obvious that the wars in the Middle East and the funding of terrorist groups to take down Gaddafi and Assad led to the formation of ISIS, yet no mainstream politician has dared to say this before. Even if he is not going as far as identifying the oligarchs behind Clinton and Obama, they are the public representation of them and by calling them out as he has, he has broken the mainstream silence on this subject.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: The Ancient Alliance of Islam and Jewry – DT 081616

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