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Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for Monday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and the conversation starts with an update on a confederate flag rally that the two hosts had just been to. MH gave a speech there that was very warmly received, despite it not being all nationalists attending. MP talks about how there is too much emphasis on trying to target specific groups sometimes. Blacks have been known to support White Nationalists on occasion and other times you may get White people who should be supporting us, telling us that Jesus hates racism. MP would like to reach out to the educated people as well as the less educated, as the notion that because someone doesn’t have a degree they will be unintelligent is just not true.

MH talks about a new book that has been released that centres around a young man from Appalachia who went through a lot of bad situations, then joined the marine corps and ended up at Harvard. The author talks about the crisis that we are facing and he ties it specifically to White working class communities. The protagonist may not be able to use five forks, but he can do an oil change which is a lot more practical. MP warns that we must not underestimate our enemies and there is a vanguard among them that is starting to realise that the working class are getting restless and that they are just as much a victim as their pet minorities are. They claim that White people can never be oppressed, yet our message was well received at this flag rally and it was all different kinds of people that were there.

MP then talks about some changes that are coming to the TWP Site. Members will have a forum which they can engage with, as well as a way that people who live near to one another can meet up. The blog is also going to be overhauled with some stylistic changes, to make it look less like a monster truck show. Tee-shirt designs are still being rolled out and there will be an event in Indiana this August with the Soldiers of Odin to celebrate the release of the new clothing line.

The conversation then moves around to the Bernie Bros and MP explains that not all of them are on board with the feminist/sodomite sentiment. They met one the other day in Walmart, who did not realise how close his ideas were to those of the TWP, especially with his views on the media. They identify the same problems that we do, but then they fail to see the ethnic connection. MP sees this failure as being caused by the taboo against identifying anyone as the enemy unless they are White. It is not a straight White Male conspiracy, it is a Jewish take-over.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Before It Was Cool – DT 080816

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