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The Daily Traditionalist: A Bleeding Sore of Leftism


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Monday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about a bleeding sore of leftism that has appeared in Bloomington Indiana. The students for Bernie Sanders have now organised a chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. This was a radical far-left organisation from the sixties and it is now making a resurgence on college campuses. Dr Johnson reminds us that the Rockefeller Institute provides the funding for this organisation and others like it and that there have been thousands injured or killed by leftist terrorists in America. He thinks we are going to start seeing more of these extremely violent leftist groups now the Alt-Right is starting to make waves.

Groups like SDS claim to be victims, yet them and the Weather Underground were really terrorists who killed people. They went on to become community organisers and even professors and were a big influence on Barack Obama, despite having violently attacked nationalists and done prison time.

Dr Johnson believes these groups have the tacit support of the government which makes them even braver in their physical attacks on us. Clinton has made us a legitimate target for these groups with her speech and by implicating Putin, is trying to use us to gain support for attacking Russia. She is basically claiming that all the groups she opposes are united in a conspiracy against her, but adding a foreign power into the mix is something we have not seen before. If Hillary wins the election, this link to Putin could be used as an excuse for extra repression against Nationalists. She could label us as agents of a foreign power to help eliminate dissent against the regime.

Matt draws a parallel with what was done to Father Coughlin, where they banned him from the radio waves and claimed Catholics were a threat to America. The Bund was shut down overnight and so was the America First Committee once the war was started. Could Clinton label us in the same way and say that our ideas are against America and we have to be taken off the airwaves? It would be difficult for publicly known people to deal with this.

Dr Johnson advises keeping on the right side of legal, producing children, building organisations and preparing communal areas that can be defended from the violent leftist groups that will be funded by Soros and Rockefeller to attack us. The way to defeat this is to win people’s hearts and minds so that the state is unable to do anything to us without causing a backlash. The Soviet Union fell apart because it was rotten at its heart and the American empire is the same and could fall apart just as easily with a little push.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: A Bleeding Sore of Leftism – DT 082916


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