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The Daily Traditionalist: Charity Begins at Home

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Ben Raymond joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about nationalist outreach work among the many White homeless in America and the UK. He starts by describing how National Action Scotland teamed up with the National Revival of Poland to help out with their ‘White Rescue’ project recently. They set up a food bank in the city of Glasgow and then went out looking for White homeless people who need our support. In Britain you are not allowed to give donations just for White people, but you can go out and purchase groceries that can then be handed out to people in need. Thanks to ‘diversity’ we now live in low-trust societies where people do not want to give money to charities, as they know that it is not going to our own people but will be given out to foreigners instead.

Matt then talks about preparations the TWP are making to do something similar in Appalachia and the surrounding area. If the problems the Appalachians were having to deal with were happening to a different ethnicity, it would be a national scandal. There has been a huge upsurge in heroin addiction there which has led to a massive amount of deaths due to drugs being cut with medicines that were never intended for human consumption. The life expectancy there is 10 years less than elsewhere and one of the reasons for this is the sense of hopelessness people have, due to the lack of prospects. Matt believes this is where we should be concentrating our efforts, among those Whites who have been most disenfranchised by globalism. TWP will soon be out working with churches and charities in West Virginia helping these communities. Most are 100 percent White and this is why they have been left out, as all the government programs are aimed at ethnic minorities.

Ben talks about how there are no ethnic minorities helping out with the food bank charities as they have their own centres, like the LGBT and Islamic ones, but there are no centres specifically for the majority White population. Although you may think that charities are full of Lefties, this just isn’t true. They are desperate for people to help them and this is an area where we could have quite an impact.

Matt talks about how some TWP members have already been looking at doing basic training to help out with some of the official outreach groups. After this, the idea is to get to the students before they fall into the convenient drugs and alcohol trap that has been laid before them. It is much easier to prevent someone from taking drugs in the first place, than get them off them once they are addicted. There is literally nothing else for these kids to do at the moment and teaching them who they really are and where they really come from can really help in giving them a sense of value to their lives. After all, Nationalism is about life, where Leftism is about death.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Ben Raymond

The Daily Traditionalist: Charity Begins at Home – DT 083016

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