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The Daily Traditionalist: Clinton, Trump and the Alt-Right


Matt Parrott joins Sven Longshanks for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss Hillary Clinton’s upcoming speech on the Alt-Right and what Trump’s response might be. The public have been primed for this speech by various news pieces supposedly describing the Alt-Right, but none of them have really explained it well and they all put forward Milo the gay Jew as some kind of figurehead for it. The vanguard of the Alt-Right is it’s most extreme components though, not it’s most tame ones. A large part of it has been driven by internet memes, whether through images, music, writing or podcasts and the most successful of these have all come from the more extreme elements, with the Daily Stormer as a prime example.

The first Twitter operation for the Stormer Troll Army was against Luciana Berger when she had a young man (Garron Helm) imprisoned for calling a Jew a Jew. This was widely criticised by the less extreme parts of the Alt-Right as unnecessary name-calling, yet it was hugely successful and saw the Daily Stormer mentioned on many mainstream websites, bringing hundreds of thousands of new people into the Alt-Right. It also succeeded in showing the general public that the Jews see themselves as a special class above the rest of us, who think the law should be used to silence those who criticise them. Berger forgot that she was a politician and that politicians are fair game for all sorts of so-called death threats and criticism and by whining about it, she just drove the public into our arms and not hers.

After discussing the true heart of the Alt-Right with Sven, Matt gives us his analysis of what Clinton is likely to talk about and why she is doing it. She will be trying to appeal to Republicans by moving to the centre, as this has always worked before for the mainstream parties and it is the only way they know of to respond to populism. This no longer works in Europe though and it is likely it will no longer work in America either.

The real fear is if Trump loses his balls and starts backpedalling, listening to his advisors instead of his conscience. However all he has to do if his advisors do lie to him and tell him that it is his charisma that people like and not his policies, is to open Google Images and see what his most popular memes are. They are not about his charisma, but about him building a wall and stopping immigration and if he fails to keep repeating this, then he will lose his support and will be cheated from his rightful presidency.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Clinton, Trump and the Alt-Right – DT 082516


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  1. Matt should stoo gaslighting people and stop spreading rumors.

    Arguing to go wirh Hillary because Trump isn't Hitler is stupid.

    Hillary would enact hate speech legislation and destroy online communication.

    Then kiss your resistance goodbye.
    Matt shows extreme lack of imagination how easily things could go 10x as bad and people who have still not woken up likely never will.

    Stop psyching yourself out.

  2. Random question, but what happened to paddy tarleton? His twitter is gone, and his songs are gone from a few places. Did he call it quits?

    1. If he has quit, Im sure there will be some kind of statement to explain it.

      Looks like Trump is back on track: