The Daily Traditionalist: It Will Only Make Us Stronger


Matt Parrott joins Sven Longshanks for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss the jailing of a fanatical Moslem preacher in Britain. Anjem Choudary (seen above) has been linked to 15 terrorist plots, sent 300 of his supporters to Syria to fight for ISIS and inspired 110 ‘British’ citizens to commit terrorist acts, yet according to the police, it was him signing an oath to ISIS that ‘stepped over the line.’ This Islamic creep was given hours of air time on the BBC and other news channels to preach his message of hatred against non-Moslems and he even called the killer of Lee Rigby a ‘man of impeccable character’. Yet we are unable to even get interviews for our legitimate political parties because they refuse to give us a platform, so how come this clown gets air-time?

Sven and Matt discuss the double standards that we see for Moslems, before discussing the latest Thought Police initiative in Britain. Millions of pounds have been invested in setting up a new Police unit, tasked with being internet chatroom moderators. Five detectives will be assisted by an army of volunteer Leftists looking for any instances of criticism of Moslems, immigrants and queers online. The detectives will then try to find the address of the tweeter and will pass that on to the local police. 

Matt points out that attacks like this on our liberties will just have the effect of driving the victims of it towards us. It will also make us more effective in how we fight back. The internet has levelled the playing field between us as far as getting our information out and if people have to learn to be more technically proficient to do that, then this is a good thing.

The two hosts then give some suggestions on ways to keep your identity private online before entering a discussion on the merits and dangers of the internet and attempt to ascertain whether it has been good or bad for our people. The Left thought that the internet would be their tool to promote pornography and degeneracy, but instead it has given people the information on how damaging pornography is and has encouraged men to fight back against feminism. Overall the internet has turned out to be a good thing as the truth will always float to the surface and it can do that much easier now that we can all have our opinions heard.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: It Will Only Make us Stronger – DT 08176

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