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Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Monday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to give his thoughts on how the recent Rick Tyler/TWP conference went. He talks about how impressed he was with the solidarity between the different groups that were there and how Paddy Tarleton held it all together with his music. The hotel they were all staying at were afraid of being attacked by the Left, but everyone had finished with their speeches before they were asked to leave.

The march to the Confederate battle memorial went off without problems, there were no antifa there trying to disrupt proceedings and Matt explains how the antifa will never go anywhere that they might have to interact with people. It is only in the city that the Left has support, in the more rural areas we have all the support, the same as it was in the Soviet Union. Dr Johnson talks about how the Jews marched out of the cities into the Russian countryside and told the farmers how they should be doing things. This led to the West having to feed Russia and once that happened, the Jews were able to start liquidating the peasants, as they no longer had any use for them.

Dr Johnson talks about some of the debates that he used to have with Leftist students, how there was nothing wrong with their agenda, but they had forgotten about what it was that held society together. Economic interests are no substitute for a shared ethnicity and religion. Major corporations are sponsoring the universities and they have fed the students a completely false caricature of us. Matt describes some of the ways the media smear us and how he has worked to try and counter this. When he was too good at putting our points across to the BBC, they stopped the filming!

Dr Johnson gives us some ideas on how we can overcome these false portrayals of us. He believes there have been no personal attacks against him, because he has always used academic language and Leftist arguments to explain our point of view. Matt was recently interviewed by an Asian reporter and she came out of the meeting really surprised that they were such good people. Breaking down the stereotypes is mainly done through the language we use and the symbols we employ. We may like the swastika, but to people who know nothing about it’s history or the truth behind the Third Reich, it can be off-putting. Matt advises using American symbols and Christian iconography, in order to appeal to people and get our points across.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Language and Symbols – DT 080116

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