The Daily Traditionalist: Lessons from the Zikalympics

Rio beach

Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and today the two hosts are looking at the Zikalympics (Rio beach shown above) and what happens when a formerly White country turns brown. The Brazil Olympic Games have gone exactly as we predicted so far, with stray bullets flying through media tents and journalist’s buses, a bomb going off on the cycle-way and there has even been one death, when a security guard’s car was sprayed with machine gun bullets after he took a wrong turning. On top of all this violence the polluted water ways have already claimed one victim, a sailor from Belgium who now has severe gastrointestinal disorder after contact with the local sea water. Not even the water inside is safe, with the diving pool turning urine colour due to the filth in it and swimmers complaining of burning eyes and skin due to the over usage of chlorine to compensate.

Why are the Brazilians incapable of keeping their water clean and their people safe? Matt and Sven identify the reason as miscegenation. The Brazilians started off with the same racial stock as North America, but they interbred with the natives and Negroes to produce the mongrelised Brazilian nation that we see now. All through history we see the same thing happening, India used to have sages, philosophers and an entire cosmology all of it’s own, but now they are reduced to defecating openly out on the street. This is what happens when you forget the law of nature and breed with those who look nothing like you.

Matt explains that there were originally laws to keep the Whites from breeding with the other races in Brazil, but over time these laws stopped being kept to. The same happened in India and what this shows us is that even with segregation and apartheid, eventually those restrictions will cease to be used and the races will intermingle. We cannot share our territory with other races if we wish to survive, we must embrace nationalism for the good of our own people and for the good of every other people. Exporting Liberal values around the world in exchange for food and medicine is just encouraging the other races to resent us. It does not help them and it does not help us, we have our own poor and needy that we should be looking out for and our own people to educate about who they should be breeding with.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Lessons from the Zikalympics – DT 081216

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