The Daily Traditionalist: Miserable Individuals and Contented Communities


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week, to look at the spiritual malaise that our people are living under. Dr Johnson points out that almost everyone is now on some kind of pills due to side effects from the system and Matt reminds us of the unnatural and inorganic ways of living that have caused this. These illnesses are just as common among the wealthy as they are elsewhere, which points to this being an illness of a spiritual nature.

Materialism leads to spiritual decay and it does not matter how many possessions you have, putting possessions at the centre of life will take it’s toll. We are told that we are free to have sex with anything and everything, but we are not free to spend a day with our family as we have to be working just to pay the interest on the roof over our heads.

Matt points out that we have lost the connection that we once had with our neighbours. We no longer meet at church on Sunday or in the local pub on a Friday, it is all a sterilised environment that we inhabit where we have no real human interaction in the traditional sense. There is no bond, even both parents have to work now. Matt asks when it was that we changed so much that we could go months without any human interaction? Dr Johnson draws parallels with what happened in the Soviet Union, where nothing was any body’s business. Salaries are secrets, ages are secrets, this kind of paranoia where the only things of value there are have to be kept at home is endemic.

We have lost our sense of belonging to a shared culture and we now rely on the police for everything. Nobody wants to do anything themselves, they just want legislation to sort things out. It is learned helplessness. When we invent labour saving devices they never actually save labour, they just increase the expectations of production. This leads to a desire for living in a fantasy world to get away from it, so the drugs come in, whether legal or illegal. Matt points out that the connections he has made within the movement are what keep him happy. We have a shared community with shared ideals that those who are not nationalists have lost completely. Activism does not reward you financially, but it does give you a sense of achievement and the knowledge that what you are doing is of real value. Contentment comes from serving the community, not in hiding from it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: The Miserable Individual and the Contented Community – DT 082216

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