The Daily Traditionalist: Nationalism is Natural


Matthew Heimbach is back for another edition of The Daily Traditionalist, joined by co-host Sven Longshanks. Matt begins the show by discussing the recent Daily Stormer Book Club that he attended in Louisville Kentucky.

The DS Book Clubs provide a huge opportunity for our movement to bring nationalists together for fellowship and comradery. Men traditionally had pubs and other social spaces to gather in, where they would discuss politics, religion, daily events and be able to strengthen the fraternal bonds with one another. The modern West has done everything they can to destroy these men-only spaces in order to break fraternal bonds and alienate men from one another. Just like those British pubs of old the DS Book Clubs provide a chance to meet local comrades of all ages and interests in your region and build real connections with those of the same mind-set. Matt encourages all the listeners to get involved in their local Book Club.

Matt and Sven then discuss the recent hacking of George Soros, the Clinton Foundation and other globalist organizations. The veil of secrecy is being peeled back on the corruption of the Democratic Party,  the influence of Jewish oligarchs on American politics and the “pay for play” nature of the Hillary Clinton campaign. These hacker groups that are revealing the secrets of the elites are always accused of being an operation of the Russian Federation. While NATO is holding military drills on the Russian border, building missile bases in Romania and working to destabilize the entire world, our Jewish media tries to blame Russia for allegedly proving the corruption of the Western governments.

The show finishes up with a discussion on an article by (((Jonah Goldberg))) that was written for National Review. Mr. Goldberg attacks White working class families for supporting Trump and condemns rising racially aware sentiment among the White population. Matt and Sven talk about how true ethno-nationalism is natural, not only for Whites but for every ethnicity. We must reject the conservative notion, which is the same as the far-Left, that a nation is simply a group of unrelated people with the same passport. A nation is built upon shared blood, from which a shared culture and language are born. Only through standing for true nationalism can we break the control of the corrupt Establishment and truly secure the existence of our people.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Nationalism is Natural – DT 081816

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