The Daily Traditionalist: The Negro-Hill Carnival


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for The Daily Traditionalist to discuss the recent Negro stab-fest that goes by the name of the Notting Hill Carnival. There were 15 stabbings in all, but the media is only reporting 6, plus 454 people arrested, 25 held for assaulting police and a total of 45 officers injured, with eight needing hospital treatment. The police are calling for an enquiry into whether there should be one held next year and the cost of policing it is around £8 million.

Sven contrasts this with the carnivals he remembers going to as a child where the police were not even needed. Even the Munich beer festival which is full of drunken White men does not have anywhere near the amount of trouble that this Black ‘family fun’ event has.

In response to the rise in crime caused by diversity, police in the UK have upped their numbers and the weapons they carry to maintain order. They have gone from being equipped with a whistle and a wooden baton as they walked their local route in a community they were a part of, to becoming an occupying army, maintaining a false peace between the different ethnicities through overwhelming force. In the United States, police departments that only a generation ago were barely armed, basing their authority on community trust and a connection with their constituents, are now being equipped with military grade equipment and vehicles to maintain law and order on the streets of an increasingly diverse Empire.

One of the side effects of multiculturalism is the creation of a low trust community where people with different culture, ethnicity and religion have nothing in common with each other, which leads to tension and violence in the society at large.

Matt and Sven then discuss how public events have changed from their childhoods, going from community and family friendly gatherings to being debased and dangerous. Another tragic side effect of multiculturalism.

The show ends with a discussion of how the only way to fix these problems in the United Kingdom is mass deportation of foreigners to their own Homelands, leaving Britain for the British people and culture. Only through separation and nationalism can we return to a more peaceful, prosperous, safe and healthy society.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: The Negro-Hill Carnival – DT 083116

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