The Daily Traditionalist: Orwellian Double Think


Andrew Carrington Hitchcock joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’ edition of The Daily Traditionalist and starts the show by bringing us some sad news about one of his colleagues Victor Thorn committing suicide. For a while Victor was almost as successful as Alex Jones, writing conspiracy books that dared to expose the Jew and exposing the many crimes of the Clintons. His suicide does appear to be genuine, he seems to have just thought it was time to give up. Matt draws a parallel with other authors who commit suicide out of desperation and encourages people to check out his work.

After this eulogy, the conversation moves to the recent news that Thailand are beginning to seriously crack down on the sex trade over there. They are blaming the west for destroying traditional moral values and as nationalist sentiment is rising all over the world, they too are rejecting this decadence. Matt asks Andy for his view on this change in attitude to sex trafficking and Andy cites Al Goldstein, who famously attributed his promotion of porn to his hatred of Christ. The Jews are constantly promoting sex as an end in itself because they know that this will break down a society, just as it did to ancient Rome.

This promotion of immorality has now gone so far that homosexuals are actually expecting the British National Health Service to pay for special medication so that they can have anal sex without wearing a condom. When the Jews took over the Left and started promoting multiculturalism, they also started to encourage the acceptance of deviant sexual behaviour. The White working class never used to engage in this sort of thing, it was always the elites. Yet somehow, the Left leaning workers of the White world have been conned into advocating for sexual perversity and their own replacement by the Third World.

The show comes to an end with a discussion of “Things That Anarchists Say In Private” on the issue of forced Orwellian double-think and the fact that the Left has purposefully alienated White working class families. While the Left pretends to be the defender of the worker, the Left actively hates the working class and uses them and their useful campus idiots to promote a policy of globalism and capitalism. Just as the USSR did nothing to aid the farmers and workers of Russia and in fact worked to oppress them, the modern Left works against working class interests in every Western nation.

It is only nationalism that stands for Tradition, strong families, jobs with justice and a better future for both the working class and the rich. Class cooperation, banning capitalism and communism and encouraging a strong and vibrant ethnically exclusive nation is the only path forward to improve the lives of our people and to give them a happy and peaceful future.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

The Daily Traditionalist: Orwellian Double Think – DT 080216

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