The Daily Traditionalist: Removing the Cancerous Jewish Tumour


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and Matt starts the show by reading a couple of quotes from a courageous Arch-Bishop in Hungary.
Gyula Màrfi has correctly identified the Moslem invasion as being wolves dressed up as sheep and has called on the anti-Pope to stop encouraging this and start preaching a stop to it. Even the refugees themselves are at risk from other Moslems, as a news story that Sven then brings up demonstrates.

Last year a Moslem travelled from Yorkshire to Scotland in order to stab a Moslem refugee from Pakistan to death, for blaspheming what they call their prophet. He was in court this week and forty other Moslems were also in the courthouse, shouting Allah Snackbar to each other and to the murderer who joined them in this. None of them were charged with contempt of court and none of them were arrested for conspiracy to assist a murderer. The BBC even interviewed one of them who had rags tied around his head and said that the conviction was a travesty and that the killer had done nothing wrong by killing the Paki in cold blood. The victim’s family have now fled back to Pakistan, claiming asylum from the Moslem fanatics in Britain.

These refugees are not ballet dancers and doctors as the BBC would like you to think, they are low IQ rapists and thugs preaching an idolatry that encourages this type of behaviour. If our churches, governments and media were not infested with Jews, then our nations would be entirely free of these other creatures. Matt likens the presence of the Jew in our governments, to a tumour that appears in the brain of the nation and Sven then takes the analogy further, by describing the way that certain parasites can infect a body and drastically alter the organism’s actions. Some parasites will even start to feminize their host, while all parasites will eventually kill the host if they are not removed.

Matt asks whether the answer to our problems could be to move to Russia, where traditional values are still held to be important and Putin has 80% approval ratings. A German family has already applied to Russia for asylum due to Merkel’s invasion policy and Putin has asked for Europeans to move there to inhabit the border zone with China. We could start to see a lot more of this as the anti-White policies increase in Europe, especially in Sweden and Germany and if we fail to remove that cancerous Jewish growth from our institutions, then this may be the only option left to us in a few decades.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Removing the Cancerous Jewish Tumour – DT 081016

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