The Daily Traditionalist: Responding to Political Confrontations


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for the Wednsday edition of The Daily Traditionalist, which today centres around ways we can respond to family, friends or employers if we ever get confronted about our political views. It is always best to gradually introduce people to the racial reality that we face, as this will prevent the knee-jerk reaction that most will have upon hearing that you are a ‘Nazi White Supremacist’. This is best done by pointing out the inconsistencies which we see around us, such as China being for the Chinese, India for the Indians but European homelands seem to be for everyone. You can also point out that a White man born in China is not then a Chinaman, so why is a Pakistani born in England identified as ‘British’ by our establishment?

Sven uses an example of a female Pakistani who raped her own son, sent videos of this to a cousin in Pakistan and was then referred to in the press as a ‘Welsh mother'. This is guaranteed to make any Welshman’s blood boil and can be used to show that what are acceptable crimes to non-Whites, are often absolutely outrageous crimes to us. It can also be pointed out that the majority of the Moslem terrorists that have joined ISIS were not new arrivals on European soil, but second or third generation immigrants who has been through the western education system. Their behaviour is genetically determined, just the same as their features are. Matt then brings up forensic science to show that we are not all one human race, but a variety of races that can be identified from the smallest scrap left behind at a crime scene.

After discussing miscegenation and misandry in the media, Matt brings up the redefinition of the word ‘hate’ to mean criticism or just unwanted attention. In Britain they are trying to make misogyny a hate crime and their description of misogyny can be anything a woman wants it to be. While the wolf whistle from one man may be gratefully received as a compliment, from another he could be at risk of being arrested. There is no corresponding lobby for a law against misandry, which we see all the time in the depictions of men as philanderers and wife-beaters. Matt identifies this as a tactic designed to cause mistrust between the genders and Sven asks whether we have forgotten what it really means to love and to hate, after all, you hate anything that harms what you love.

We do not hate other races, we just love our own and this means that we hate anything that poses a threat to our race. If the other races were back in their homelands we would just find them a curiosity, the same as our ancestors did when the word ‘racism’ had yet to be invented.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Responding to Political Confrontations – DT 080316

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