The Daily Traditionalist: Right Wing Flip Squads


Matt Parrott joins Mathew Heimbach for the Tuesday edition of The Daily Traditionalist and the first topic for discussion is the president of the Philippines (Rodrigo Duterte – see above) and his recent crackdown on criminals and encouragement of right wing death squads. The UN has condemned him for clearing up the streets to the cheers of his people and his reply to them was ‘I dont give a shit’. He is not all good though, he is pro-homosexual, but it does look like he is going to win the war on drugs over there. Parrott reminds us that he was democratically elected and has an over 91% approval rating. What we are seeing here is the genuine will of the people, yet the US/EU/Israel Axis are still calling him a dictator.

600,000 criminals and drug dealers have turned themselves in since he started cleaning up and he is not just burying the dealers, but is also providing rehabilitation facilities for those who want them. The drug trade works in tandem with corruption, so the most corrupt parts of the establishment have been turning themselves in as well, to avoid being executed. This just goes to prove that it is possible to win the war on drugs if a country genuinely wishes to.

Back in Europe, Jean-Claude Juncker has stated that national borders are the worst invention ever and that they were invented by politicians. This shows that he has no respect for culture, ethnicity, landscape or language and thinks that it is politicians that create nations and not blood. This is worse than thinking someone can be baptised in the magic dirt, they can just accept the identity that Juncker gives them. Parrott thinks that since the holohoax programming the German elite has had a death wish and it is finding it’s expression in Juncker. The only way to assuage the guilt for lampshading 6 million chosenites is to commit suicide yourself and he is intent on killing off Europe with his ‘new Europeans’. You cannot become part of a different nation by passing a citizenship test, that is like walking through the door of a family home and saying you are a trained plumber, so now you are a member of the family.

Parrott thinks that the more our enemies attack us like this, the more gloriously we will win. They assume that we despise the average White family like they do and they do not understand that this is a Jewish hang-up that the rest of us do not have. We love White families and will do what we can to preserve them and the more they mock and ridicule our race on TV the more people there are who will join us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Right Wing Flip Squads – DT 082316

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