The Daily Traditionalist: Rotherham Revisited


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for the Thursday edition of The Daily Traditionalist. The two hosts look at a new secret investigation of the Moslem paedophile rings in Rotherham that has been carried out for a mainstream newspaper. The report found that the abuse is still continuing on an industrial scale and that the victims are having their children removed by Social Services if they make accusations about Moslems to the Police. Six new splinter groups have been created that are openly pimping these White girls on the streets and countless pieces of incriminating evidence from DNA to witness statements, have mysteriously gone missing from the multicultural police station.

Matt highlights the broken society that we have that leaves our young girls as prey to foreign monsters. Many of them have no father figure and were also in care, so when a Pakistani takes an interest in them they are flattered, as nobody has ever taken an interest before. They do not suspect that the Moslem just wants to use them as a prostitute until it is too late and if they resist, their family and friends could be intimidated too. The victims are still being accused of racism by the police and in some instances their attackers have made this allegation against them and the police have investigated that, instead of the Moslem rape claims.

Matt and Sven discuss the recently released report that finds the system is still actively hiding and protecting pedophiles and human traffickers. These grooming gangs have been barely affected by the promised government crackdown and thousands of White women and girls are still at risk, to a chorus of crickets by the political establishment. In fact the main British news today has been about how Haji females are the most disadvantaged group in Britain as only a third of them have to work. Instead of calling for the deportation of Moslems because of the threat they pose to the rest of us, MPs have been calling for businesses to be forced to employ them.

Sven points out how this case has impacted British life and how the only solution to the problem is a total removal of non-Europeans from European nations. The problem of multiculturalism is that it becomes a “one size fits none” policy where each culture, language and religion attempts to assert it’s dominance over the others. We have lost our ethnic solidarity, but being a minority in our countries has helped the Moslems to increase theirs. Diversity like trying to mix oil and water. The only solution to the crimes and racial tension is to racially separate. If we do not, then we are just signing our own execution warrant for when these creatures start to outnumber us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach & Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Rotherham Revisited – DT 081116

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