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Matt Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist which starts with a brief discussion on drug problems and the way they are being dealt with in the Philippines by direct action.

President Duterte has effectively won the war on drugs in six weeks through a combination of extrajudicial killings of drug dealers and an amnesty policy to get drug users into treatment and rehabilitation. The choice has been given to the criminal underworld and corrupt government officials, give up your life of crime and be a productive citizen or face justice. Over sixty thousand criminals have turned themselves in to the authorities, including judges and police officers.

President Duterte has proven that the war on drugs in America is a lie. With strong leadership and real dedication, the war could have been won against the smugglers and pushers in a matter of months. In America however, the government and private corporations simply work to get a piece of the pie and to enslave our people.

Matt explains that there is no real desire to solve the drug problem as such a significant portion of the money that goes through the stock market is drugs money. Matthew brings up the story of a young man serving his country, coming home and being prescribed Oxycontin, getting hooked, using illicit supplies and then getting arrested. From private prisons to private rehab, corporate capital needs to have addiction problems in order to make a profit.

Matt also talks about how there is no difference between public and private any more. The government is now completely dependant on private finance capital and is a complete oligarchy. When something goes wrong, you can just blame the president. You cannot personify the NGOs and the corporations, so they just deflect it all to the fall guys in the government.

The second half of the podcast deals with Evan McMullin, who has been put forward as the ‘Never Trump’ candidate and is pushing every policy that we disagree with. He works for Goldman Sachs and even brought up attacking Yugoslavia as a good thing in his speech, suggesting that we need to interfere even more in foreign countries. He is in the same league as Alan Greenspan and is a typical establishment man. 

Matt then gives his opinion on what this means for the neo-con movement and asks if he really believe this stuff, or has he just stumbled onto a good gig? About the only people he could appeal to are the evangelicucks. He wants to put troops on the Russian border and in the South China sea, provoking the two super powers. This is a huge gamble to take, two nuclear powers against a bankrupt country with no political will.

Matthew highlights the contradictions in what McMullin is saying and likens him to another George W Bush. Matt thinks he is not speaking to the ordinary American at all and it reminds him of when Cruz started talking about selling large chunks of land. These are signals that are being sent to the big capitalist groups, not to the average man on the street. They are just symbols rather than coherent ideas. Trump’s straight talk to the American people was the opposite of all that and he managed to cut through all the noise, he appealed to the White American masses and this is why he has been so successful in his campaign where the others have failed.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Signs and Signals – DT 080916

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