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Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for the start to a new week of The Daily Traditionalist and the subject for today is of course the current Black acts of terrorism in Milwaukee. MH describes what has happened so far, how a Negro cop shot and killed an armed Negro criminal, yet this is somehow deemed as being racist. MP points out that this shows there is no political motive behind this rioting, it has nothing to do with protesting but is all about looting and destroying. This behaviour goes back to the sixties, where the national guard had to be called out to deal with the Blacks but there appears to have been a lull in their rioting until now. MP thinks this is due to the increase in communications brought about through the internet. He contrasts this with the way Donald Trump has been able to organise massive rallies for himself online, while Blacks have been able to use it to call for reinforcements to descend upon an area and start rioting.

Wisconsin does not really tend to have many issues like this as it is an extremely liberal state. Scott Walker denied David Duke ballot access there 20 years ago, yet Duke is filling sandbags for flood victims today while Walker’s state is now falling apart after his campaign fell apart. MH points out that the police are unable to deal with this so the national guard have had to be called out. Their response to this has been surgical and not one rioter has been mistreated. MP believes that at some point we are going to see a tremendous acceleration in violence due to this kid-glove treatment. When minorities do this they are given the space to destroy, but Whites would be shut down straight away if we were to start behaving like this.

MH then laments the lack of genuine Black nationalists and asks if there were any, then how could they take back control of their communities so that BLM are not burning everything down. MP sees the problem being that there is too much money involved. A specific Jew, George Soros is donating millions to them to encourage them to burn their communities down. He does not see Black nationalists working with us, but just trying to get on top of and in front of the BLM movement for now.

Fast forwarding to November, MP gives us some predictions as to what might happen with the results of the election. He thinks the federal government will be prepared for if there is trouble, although they cannot be everywhere all the time. He thinks they will focus their attention on the areas that will be most likely to start rioting and looting. These riot teams are very well trained to not retaliate at all, in the name of restoring order. This is like waiting for a child to waste all its energy in throwing tantrums. If its a very close election and Trump loses, then there will be a lot of civil unrest with people moving towards more radical groups on both sides. We need to start preparing now, to capitalise on that when it happens.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Space to Destroy – DT 081516

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