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The Daily Traditionalist: Using Their Strength Against Them

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National Action are now banned in Britain and this was recorded and published before the group of activists were disbanded in December 2016.

Ben Raymond from National Action joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and starts by asking Matt to give us a rundown on the recent TWP picket against homosexuals and pederasts. The evangelicucks were out in force and were attacking the TWP as well as the queers, but the TWP were still able to leave them lost for words by pointing out that though they claim to support socialism, they are getting all their money from Wall St. True conservatives as well as homos and drag queens were all trolled and the police even shook hands with the TWP to show support for them. A lot of fun was had at this demo and the impact it had on the local people was very encouraging and positive.

After this the virtue of stickering is discussed, something that National Action have been hugely involved in and that TWP are now seeing a lot of success with. Stickers can get you major news coverage and you really do not need many of you to do this. One sticker has the power to cause a ‘thousand man march’ from the Left. It is all about turning their strengths against them, they have control of the media, so terrify them into publishing our memes and then people get to hear about us.

The last part of the podcast deals with Hillary Clinton’s speech last night and the seeding of various Alt-Right memes to millions of people. Ben reminds us that anything that doesn’t fit in with The Daily Stormer or The Right Stuff, is not Alt-Right. It is fascist or National Socialist even if not in name. Even the BBC today made a 30 minute program on the Alt-Right that confirmed that it is National Socialist. Matt points out that any movement that includes Milo is not a movement he would want to be a part of, it has to be ethno-nationalism or nothing.

Hillary’s speech made her look like a conspiracy theorist and the only way Trump could really respond to it is with ridicule. Could they be preparing to no-platform Trump? Matt has seen this advocated for in Leftist media, as we all know that he will completely destroy her if it comes to a debate. If she did try to do this though, she would be absolutely crucified by the conservative media, even if she was cheered on by the Jews. She is already calling Trump a Klansman in her latest ad, so lets hope she keeps it up!

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Ben Raymond

The Daily Traditionalist: Using Their Strength Against Them – DT 082616


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