The Orthodox Nationalist: Neplyuev and the Labor Brotherhood of the Holy Cross


This week Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us a presentation on the social theology of NN Neplyuev, who was a Christian and both nationalist and socialist. "Socialism" has been hijacked by Jewish materialists and revolutionaries who care little for society or labor. Socialism had always, prior to Marx, been an idealist and religious entity based on the idea of love. Love is the opposite of self-seeking. Cicero defined natural law as the restraining of someone from prospering at someone else's expense. Love would be the opposite: suffering so that someone else can prosper. If society is not based on this, it descends into oligarchy, war, evil and irrationality. The ego is a contradiction and cannot sustain rational analysis.

Nepluyev created the Labor Brotherhood of the Holy Cross, or a set of communes and schools throughout Russia to redefine the true nature of socialism. God gave all things in common, including the abilities that the ego had no part in creating. Socialism is the synthesis and integration of reason, will and love into a social whole that treats social functions as equal. The doctor is not more important than the policeman.

Societies based on reason are soulless machines; those based on will are capitalist oligarchies while those based on "sensation" are criminal syndicates. Only though integration, and that through solidarity, can these facilities be balanced into a harmony. That is the real conception of "love" that is traditional to that word, not the stupid, saccharine, Hallmark nonsense that is normally promoted on Valentines day.

Needless to say, the revolutionary government immediately shut down his system when it took over in 1918. Socialists, allegedly caring about labor, shut down an actually functioning socialist commune. This is not atypical. Dying in 1908, Nepluyev became one of the most influential socialist thinkers in the east that today is almost totally unknown.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Neplyuev and the Labor Brotherhood of the Holy Cross – TON 080916

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