The Stormer Report: Merkel Muss Weg!


Lee Rogers joins Sven Longshanks for a new edition of The Stormer Report, discussing a selection of articles from the Daily Stormer and InfoStormer.com.

This weekend saw 5,000 patriots shouting ‘Merkel Muss Weg!’ in Berlin, only for the Police to estimate them at being just 1,350. Anti-immigration feeling is increasing in Germany and the rest of Europe, after 4 Moslem atrocities just in the last week alone. Merkel is refusing to back down on her policy though and is instead trying to shame the Moslems into behaving better, by telling them that by raping and killing their host they are ‘mocking the country which has taken them in’. Yes, they are mocking you Frau Merkel and who can blame them for doing so, when you respond to their attacks by repressing your own people and bending over backwards to help theirs? The only way to neutralise this problem is to remove it entirely, not ‘learn to live with it’ as some politicians have suggested.

We are told that the rapists and terrorists are not actually following Islam, but the Moslem religious leaders appear to disagree, with one in Britain this week telling his mosque that the Koran says it is fine to enslave White girls and force them to be prostitutes. Even the Moslems that do not engage in this sort of behaviour support the ones that do, as it encourages White girls to cover up and to never go out alone, in conformation with Islamic law. We have even seen the mayor of Cologne encourage White women to do this after the mass sex attacks on New Years Eve, so why would Moslems not support ficki ficki when it is met with this kind of response?

While the German press was throwing its hands up in horror at Germans waving German flags in Berlin, 30,000 kebabs descended on Cologne waving the Islamic flag of the Turkish State in support of a foreign president. Lee gives us his thoughts on this before contrasting the behaviour of anti-Pope Francis with the Islamic leaders. Francis is a promoter of ‘Liberation Theology’ which is the unholy offspring of Marxism miscegenating with Catholicism. This ideology promotes the destruction of all borders and barriers between the races in the hope of creating ‘a new humanity’. Far from creating a new race of supermen, this can only result in a race approximating that of the Brazilian, which is not even capable of finding clean water for itself let alone maintaining a civilisation, as amply demonstrated by the catastrophe in waiting which is the Rio Olympics.

After pointing out the likely outcome of this year’s Games, the two hosts take a look at Reparations.me, a new site where Blacks demand things and Whites helpfully oblige. No reason is given why Whites should wish to help lazy Negroids who are too incompetent to help themselves, but already there are more dumb White people offering things to them than there are Blacks asking.

Moving on to a brief discussion on the merits of slavery, the podcast finishes with the good news that Norbert Hofer is polling a full 4 points ahead of his rivals in Austria and Lee gives us his thoughts on the likely outcome of Trump v Hillary in November.

Presented by Lee Rogers and Sven Longshanks

The Stormer Report: Merkel Muss Weg! – SR 080116

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