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The Stormer Report: Total Vindication for Radical Ethno-Nationalism

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Lee Rogers from joins Sven Longshanks for one of the most positive Stormer Reports yet. Last week we saw history made as Hillary Clinton spent 30 minutes advertising us on live tv in front of an audience of millions. The White Genocide meme was seeded all around the globe and viewers were treated to some of our most hilarious tweets, as Jewish journalists desperately looked for sympathy while trying to explain what the Alt-Right is for the news agencies. Lee gives us his analysis of this history-making moment and the changes in technology and strategy that made it possible for us. The Jews are completely stumped for how to respond to internet activism, they think that if they just continue to do what they were doing before we will just go away, but the playing field has now been levelled and our humour is far funnier and edgier than any Jew could ever be. What they think will get them sympathy from Whites, is actually far more likely to bring tears of laughter to our eyes. 

After this Sven gives us his thoughts on the burkini ban in France, explaining events in Corsica which led up to this and why seeing those haji females in burkinis in our countries is so offensive. He sees it as part of a two pronged attack on us, their men molest our women, while their females present the solution to them in the burka/burkini. Our own people suggest stickers and bracelets to our children to protect them, while the Moslem rapists collect the bracelets like trophies from them when they molest them. Lee sees this ban as just a half-measure when we should be banning Moslems entirely, while Sven suggests that people being dressed like this at the beach is the equivalent of being fully clothed at a nudist camp.

After a brief discussion on why feminists support Moslems, Lee covers the next news story about a mulatto who throws a ball refusing to stand when the national anthem is sung. This spoilt monstrosity has been put on a pedestal and practically worshipped by Whites, yet all that is still not good enough for him and he has to claim that he is oppressed. This just goes to show that it does not matter what you do for Blacks, it will never be enough and they will always want more. They have been given the position of president of the USA, but still they claim oppression. This really cant go on for much longer without Whites blowing a fuse and the next story is about just that.

The courageous governor of Maine Paul LePage has correctly identified Blacks and Non-Whites as our main enemy. Nine out of ten criminals arrested for drugs are Black or Latino and he has been collecting their mug shots as proof. He also claims they are getting White women pregnant, which has incensed Liberal politicians and the Jewish media causing them to call him ‘racist’. This was like a red flag to a bull and he challenged the name-caller to a duel, before instructing him to make his voice-mail message public. Sven and Lee point out the way the media blatantly lies in attempts to refute the governor’s own statistics, before finishing the podcast with the wonderful news that Merkel may not be able to stand for re-election due to being disowned by her coalition partner. Norbert Hofer, Trump and Le Pen could all be in office by next year and Merkel could be out. Things just keep getting better and better.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: Total Vindication for Radical Ethno-Nationalism – SR 082916


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