Truth Will Out Radio: Soviet Crimes and Walloon Heroism

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Messerschmitt joins Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks once again to begin the podcast with part 4 of his presentation on Leon Degrelle.

This week we hear about how exhausted Degrelle and the Walloons were after months of heavy fighting. Just as they were at their wits end, they were sent back to Belgium for home leave and were reinforced with more Belgian volunteers at the Eastern Front. While on his way back to Belgium Degrelle saw the immense effort Germany had put into rebuilding the Ukraine. Sometime after the return of the Belgians to the front they were then integrated into the Waffen SS and equipped with trucks and armoured vehicles. The focus then turns to the battle of the Cherkassy pocket where the Walloons and the Viking Division alongside other German units were encircled by the Soviet armies. Examples are given of the incredibly heroic resistance and sacrifices of these men, dying for their comrades so that at least some of them could escape the deadly grip of the Soviet tanks and hordes of submachine gun wielding Mongols.

Next week will see the conclusion of the Degrelle series with information about how survived the war, evaded capture and what he did after the war.

After discussing Schmitt’s presentation and highlighting the duplicity and deceit of the allies in accusing the Germans of the very crimes the Soviets were guilty of, Dennis and Sven discuss some of the points raised in the recently released Part 21 of Communism by the Back Door. Centring around internet gate-keepers and the way they have worked to hide the truth about world war two, Dennis includes a clip of Jim Marrs calling neo-cohens ‘National Socialists’ to demonstrate this. It should not be too hard to convince Truthers of the veracity of our claims, as what happened during the war is the same as has happened just recently in Iraq, Libya and Syria. First the atrocity propaganda and lies, then the war and then the claims of legitimacy for a world court to try the dictator. The blueprint for all this was first put into practice 70 years ago. If Truthers will believe it about the recent wars, then it should not be too hard to convince them of the same for world war two.

Part 21 also includes a clip of David Cameron talking about how much he wants to see Moslems in the British government, controlling British companies, as commanders in the British army and replacing White Christians in all the important positions of state. This highlights the treachery of those with Jewish blood towards the countries that they dwell within. It also shows how Jews will work with Moslems against White people, just as they have throughout the centuries. The Turks have been particularly brutal in their treatment of White Christians and it is no surprise to learn that the leaders of the Turks have all come from a class of racial Jews who converted to Islam. Communism by the Back Door is a great way to wake Truthers up to the racial issues which we are facing and there may be another bonus episode soon.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Soviet Crimes and Walloon Heroism – TWOR 080516

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