Welsh Forum: Alex Davies – Saunders Lewis and Militant Welsh Nationalism

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National Action are now banned in Britain and this was recorded and published before the group of activists were disbanded in December 2016.

National Action spokesman Alex Davies looks at the life and achievements of Saunders Lewis in an animated and lively presentation to the first Welsh Forum held in Cardiff last weekend.

Saunders Lewis was an author, poet and literary critic. He was a Nobel nominee for literature in 1970 and is perhaps one of the most well-known Welsh language authors. However, his most important legacy is the effect that he had on the Welsh Nationalist movement, from being a founding member of Plaid Cymru, (founded as Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru or 'Welsh National Party'), to inspiring the creation of the Welsh Language Society. Lewis was a man whose life can be characterized as one led with great conviction and dedication to an ideal that seemed impossible to realise.

This talk explores the life and legacy of Saunders Lewis, the history of Militant Welsh Nationalism and what lessons we can take from it's struggle.

Presented by Alex Davies

Welsh Forum: Alex Davies – Saunders Lewis and Militant Welsh Nationalism – WF 080116

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