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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Fascist Lemming: The Best Current Year Ever – Even the Aliens Agree!


Fascist Lemming brings us more news from The Best Current Year Ever and starts by thanking commenters and contributors who kindly donated shekels to him last week.

After this introduction, we get straight into the news stories starting with Trump, who has spoken out against the Jew run banking system, calling it a false economy. Would he call for an audit of the FED if he gets elected? Jews give interest free loans to other Jews, while charging interest on loans to the goyim, so why are we not doing the same and providing interest free loans to our own people? Could it be because we have Jews like Rothschild running our banking system for us instead of decent White folks?

Trump may have some Jewish connections in his family, but at least he is not directly taking money from them like Hillary, whose top seven contributors are all Jews. The witch even brazenly cavorts with the Rothschilds, attending picnics with them on their lawn and giving speeches claiming that she is the only thing standing between them and a Trump apocalypse. She has also managed to get the Mexican president onside, despite him appearing to support Trump this week.

Good job us White Supremacists are in the ascendant, with a new report confirming that we are now bigger than ISIS with even the American Nazi Part having 25,000 followers. Even the aliens are now supporting us, as confirmed in Wiltshire England.

Some rather triggering news stories are then covered, including some horrific crime figures from South Africa. We can take an educated guess that these victims were all White as only the Whites have anything of value over there. Despite literally being killed by the tens of thousands, South Africa still has White Liberals calling their own people racist bigots with White privilege for speaking up about these crimes.

Sad news then follows from Germany, were 87-year-old heroine Ursula Haverbeck has been sentenced to jail time once again for speaking the truth about the war. The Jews must be absolutely terrified of this information if they are prepared to jail elderly women like this.

Keeping with the Holohoax theme we then learn that some monuments have recently been vandalised in the Baltics with swastikas. This was probably a Jew, but it could be genuine. Feelings against the Jews are running at an all-time high in modern times and for good reason. More Jew news follows and we learn that Jew Gene Simmonds has said that he never did drugs or drank alcohol because his relatives were all lampshaded apart from his mother. This hypocrite has spent his whole life making money from promoting drug taking and drinking to the goyim and now admits he does neither.

The podcast finishes with some great quotes from Flip-King Duterte, who was recently giving children culinary lessons in how best to prepare ISIS for being eaten alive.

The best current year continues to get better and Fascist Lemming will be back next week to keep us up to date with the latest happenings.

Presented by Fascist Lemming

Fascist Lemming: The Best Current Year Ever – Even the Aliens Agree! – FL 090716


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