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Fascist Lemming: The Best Current Year Ever – Ethnic Cleansing for Peace


Deplorable Lemming presents the latest high-octane episode of The Best Current Year ever, covering Pepe’s media debut, Hillarys imitation of building seven and loads of great quotes from Dr David Duke.

The first story covered is Hillary’s ‘basket of deplorables’ speech where she insulted half of America and provided much fuel for laughter all over Twitter and the Daily Stormer with the word ‘deplorable’ making an appearance everywhere. The Jewish media seems unnaturally fixated on David ‘Kryptonite’ Duke and Trump running mate Pence really came into his own this week when he point blank refused to join Wolf Blitzer in putting Duke into Hillary’s basket.

Based Pence’ courage in standing up to Blitzer’s bullying really ended up making Lemmy’s day when he got home on Monday to see David Duke  trending on Twitter. Notice how nobody will have David Duke on now due to their fear of him speaking the truth, although we must give credit to Buzzfeed who did actually call Duke up over this. After hearing a clip from the Blitzer putdown we get some discussion on why the Jews fear Duke so much, before giving the final word to the man himself who says that this is a real breakthrough to have Pence refusing to go along with the media narrative.

Next up we have Don junior posting Nazi Pepe on Instagram at the same time that Hillary Clinton was warning the world that Pepe was far more sinister than any of us could have imagined. Some great clips follow from the Jew media wetting themselves about the success of Pepe and trying to analyse a cartoon frog. Nazi Pepe has now been made real by the media, no more is he normie Pepe, he is now Nazi Pepe and he is ours. A great article is quoted, that asks why is there a cartoon frog stood behind Donald Trump? Well, it must be because he is a White Supremacist. More news clips follow, complete with a quote saying that a Jew celebrity is headed straight for the oven.

Jew fudge-packer Milo has been back in the news again, as the lying media tries to crown him as the leader of an Anti-Semitic White Identity movement and Lemmy takes a few shots at him, before praising Trump for his recent speech to Evangelical Christians. This particular strain of modern (anti) Christianity is responsible for a lot of the calls to bring more refugees in as that is all they are allowed to say, so if Trump can appeal to them with his promise to lift the restrictions on what Churches can say, maybe we will start to hear more from the Traditionalist Christians who for the moment are having to keep silent.

Netanyahu has said that support for Palestinians is the equivalent of ethnic cleansing of Jews and next we get a clip from him expanding on this theory of his, that if you dont let the Jews genocide you, then you must be genociding them. Israel is ethnic cleansing for peace and so should we be. Racial separation is the foundation of peace and without it, there can be no progress.

The last segment deals with a new aggressive campaign in India to prevent them from defecating in the street. The commercials picture Indians in ties and suits buying refrigerators and motorcycles before then taking a dump in the middle of the road. This follows on from last year’s drive to toilet train India, which included a fancy animated turd dancing to Faithless and the shocking statistic that 65 million kgs of shit is defecated daily straight onto India’s streets.

Closing tune by Right Wing Death Squad

Presented by Fascist Lemming

Fascist Lemming: The Best Current Year Ever – Ethnic Cleansing for Peace – FL 091416


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