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Fascist Lemming: The Best Current Year Ever – Bringing Duke and Lil Wayne Together

Fascist Lemming brings us the latest happenings in The Best Current Year Ever, this week covering George Bush, Don Junior, Sheldon Adelson, The Stormer Troll Army and more, but first we dive straight into Lemmy’s latest and greatest publicity stunt concerning Lil Wayne and David Duke. The Black rapper said in an interview that he had never experienced racism, so the thought occurred to Lemmy that if David Duke praised him for this in his show, it would help generate publicity for Duke. Andrew Anglin then brought this up on Duke’s show and sure enough, it generated maximum publicity for Duke and get him featured on Mediaite, a celebrity website owned by a Jew with 118k twitter followers and 199.4k facebook likes.

Next up is the news that George Bush senior will be voting for Clinton out of desperation in trying to prevent Trump from achieving his rightful position as president. Don Junior son of Trump has been busy posting images of poisoned Skittles to draw attention to the Syrian terrorists mingled in with the refugees, while Trump senior has been moderating his rhetoric. This has inadvertently drawn attention to the fact that Skittles are not Kosher. Lemmy then breaks down the Kosher tax scam before pointing out that if Trump was really a Jewish shill, then Sheldon Adelson would not have just snubbed him with a measly $5million donation.

Jew York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been targeted by the Alt-Right on Twitter for his pathetic attempt to smear our champion by investigating the Trump Foundation and calling Trump University a fraud. Twitter is swarming with Trump supporters and Lemmy reads out some of the Tweets Schneiderman has been sent, before playing a hilarious news clip of a Jewess calling Trump the new Hitler. The Jewess called Solway is the director of a degenerate comedy that has been called the Jewiest show ever and even has a trans-sexual father. You really don’t get more Jewey than that.

The podcast finishes with one of the funniest headlines ever ‘When Your Husband Gets Called a Filthy Kike on Twitter’. Glen Thrush is the chief political correspondent for Politico and he clearly upset people with his anti-White comments at a recent roundtable with other crypto-Jews entitled “What’s Wrong With America’s White People?” Choice tweets sent to the Jewish supremacists included “two kikes pretending to be white” and ‘’Why do you write about what's wrong with white people pretending to be white? You aren't white, you're a Marxist kike.’’ The wife of the anti-White kike is not actually a Jew, but has chosen to betray her religion and race and marry one, spawning two mischlings that her new adopted race have refused to accept as their own, yet still she insists she is not looked down on by them for being a stupid shiksa.

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