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Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Berzerker Rogue Calls Out the Fed


Fascist Lemming is back with another edition of The Best Current Year Ever and begins with the good news that Pepe the frog is now an official ADL Hate Symbol, up there with the Celtic Cross and possibly soon Google and Skype too.

After that we get to the main performance which is of course Donald Trump facing off against the Hildebeast. After hearing some people speak negatively about it, Lemmy watched it over again for a second time but feels it was still good and there were plenty of moments worth highlighting, which he does for us here.

We then get a chance to relish hearing Clinton being finally challenged and mocked for her treacherous behaviour over the years. Far from thinking Trump was toning it down, Lemmy was worried people would think he was being too harsh on her. Maybe he should have mentioned the emails more, but when he did, it was still a knockout punch that drew huge cheers from the crowd. Nobody cares about his taxes, but they do care about her being called out as a literal criminal for the first time ever.

Trump’s jokes come across as genuine, unlike the scripted ones that the career politicians come out with and after taking Hillary down a peg or two he drew attention to the thousands of shootings in Chicongo, correctly emphasising parallels with war-torn countries. 4000 people have been killed just in that city alone since the monkey king took power and although he did not remind people of the race involved, he did not have to because it is so obvious. He then concentrated on the police not being allowed to stop and frisk probable criminals, but left out the fact that this is because the probable criminals are nearly always non-White. He reminded the audience that what he is talking about is taking the guns from the criminals through stop and frisk, not from law-abiding citizens. This police tactic has had a tremendous impact on Black crime in New York and he managed to get the statistics for this and the murder rate in a Black majority city into the public consciousness. 

Cyber security was brought up and that would have been a good chance to drive home her email scandal, but instead he pointed out that Russia is not our enemy before naming the Jew, Debbie Wasserman Schulz who took advantage of Bernie Sanders. He also name-dropped another Jew as subverting the Fed, Janet Yellen. This means that 84 million people heard her name being associated with the corruption and politicisation of the Fed. 

The final highlight is of Trump’s most triggered moment in the debate, where he was accused of correctly calling a mestizo female ‘Miss Piggy’. Instead of returning the nasty slurs that Clinton threw at him, he then exercised some surprising restraint. He has hinted that he may reveal what he wanted to say to her at a later point in time, so we may get a good laugh from him over this yet. He must be reading these criticisms that we make of him at least as he does seem to be responding to them, so we look forward in anticipation of seeing total bezerker mode at the next debate. 

Presented by Fascist Lemming

Fascist Lemming: Best Current Year Ever – Berzerker Rogue Calls Out the Fed – FL 092816


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