Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – 911 Anniversary Edition

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Grandpa Lampshade presents a special 911 anniversary edition of Thoughts of the Day. 911 was a turning point not just for the United States but the entire world. All sorts of theories abound as to who was responsible and exactly what took place and even though it is not possible for us to know all the particulars, we do have enough information to give us a rough idea. Who benefited from the actions that followed? From PNAC looking forward to a "New Pearl Harbor" incident, to the dancing Mossad agents who were there to record the event, all the evidence we have points to Israel in conjunction with traitors within our own intelligence agencies and government.

For the next segment Grandpa revisit a topic from a previous show, dealing with there not being a monolithic White culture. As White Nationalists we are often told that this is why we cannot be successful. However it is important once again to point out that whether you like it or not, we are being attacked as one, as is shown by the fact that it is not just a single White country or culture being targeted but all of them. We are being targeted as a single race. Whether we like it or not this is the case and we are going to have to present a united front if we are to have any hope of success.

After that, Grandpa invites us to look through the pseudo intellectual posturing, snark and on the surface bravado of our enemies to see them for the actual cowards they are. You see, it is not enough for the coward to simply slink off to the corner and hide from what must be done. The coward does have some ego and to nurse it he must attack men who show themselves to be better than he. It pains the coward to see bravery shown when he knows in his heart that he is too afraid to make a stand, so he postures as being more intelligent or more enlightened than you but when you get down to it, they themselves know that they are simply just cowards.

Our next topic is right out of the blue and is just one more thing added to the long list of nice things that we cannot enjoy because of Blacks: a functioning mass transit system. In homogenous societies we see advanced functioning mass transit that is economical and works well for the people. Granted, in America where the country is so large mass transit is not always practical, but even in the urban areas it is a dismal failure. Why is this? Short answer: Blacks. Blacks use mass transit and like everything else, they make it unusable for decent people who do not wish to be subjected to the next random knifing, shooting or muh diking. 

Next comes the ever popular questions and comments section, starting with Megajoel from the Daily Stormer who asks how can we feed some red pills to cucked out Christian normies? GPL gets to the heart of the matter while handing out some useful pointers on setting these people on the right path, both in faith and truth.

Next up is also a commenter from the Daily Stormer and ReinhardHeydrich1 asks how can we push more National Socialism in the Alt-Right? The answer is simple: more Hitler memes and Nazi anime girls! Actually, the answer from Grandpa is slightly more in depth than this.

The final question for the show comes to us via Twitter and Dolan Edwards is ready to get knee deep in the exciting action of the DS Book Clubs. This question is great because it gives us the opportunity to get into some of the reservations that many of us are no doubt having when it comes to IRL meet ups and activism. It is important that this is addressed, as these IRL activities are an important step that goes hand in hand with our internet activities.

Important topics, great questions and fun times are always found right here, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – 911 Anniversary Edition – GL 091316

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