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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Mean Words are NOT the Same as Head-Choppings


A busy week means a busy frogcast for Grandpa Lampshade, so he gets right down to it starting with a paper from George Washington University equating White Nationalists to ISIS by comparing our activities on Twitter. You see since both Nazi trolls and Islamic terrorists use Twitter, they are now both one and the same, at least in the mind of the Jew. Besides the usual calls for more power to shut it down, this could be a shift in trying to get pro-White people designated as terrorists so they can come after us more aggressively. We take a quick tour of this fine piece of research to see if mean words will lead to head choppings and eventually, skin-lampshades, fat-soap and hair-mattresses.

In our next segment we discuss the news that the Left has suddenly discovered that electronic voting machines are open to hacking and being tampered with. This is quite amazing, considering that those of us who have followed politics for some time have known this all along. The Marxists are warning us now that not only can these machines be hacked, but they also know who is going to hack them in the future: the Russians of course. This is a classic example of how our enemies twist the truth and turn it on its head. Referencing last week's show, where we discussed how the election has to be close in order for the Left to commit just enough voter fraud to throw the win to Clinton, this could be a sign that the actual numbers are indicating that the election will not be close enough for them to do this, so now they are going to project their tactics onto Trump in an attempt cast a dark cloud over his victory should he win.

This ties in to the fact that our enemies always project. We can gain insight into them by what they accuse us of feeling, because they have no clue what we are feeling so they simply assign their own feels to us. We notice that where our enemies used to constantly tell us how full of hate we are, they now tell us that we are so so very afraid and fearful. This tells you that our enemies themselves are the ones who are moving from simply hating us because we stand on the ground of truth, to being truly fearful because they have no clue how to stop us.

In our next segment we discuss the notion that White Nationalism cannot succeed due to the differences in subsets of White culture; the Irish are not the French are not the Americans and so on. Though it may be true that there are different cultures within the White race, what we are seeing now is a coming together in the realization that we as a people are a singular race and we are under threat from a united enemy. More and more people are coming to realize that if we are to survive, we will have to put aside our cultural differences and present a united front against our enemy. This does not however mean we must lose our individual cultures in the process, but we must come together to garner enough strength to oppose the Marxists who hope to destroy us. Grandpa believes this is why it is a losing tactic to promote the differences in our various cultures, instead of trying to bring us all together under a single banner for our survival.

Our next segment involves an all to common tactic employed by the Jews, of switching back and forth from Jew being a race to Jew being a religion and all according to which best benefits the Jew at the moment. Grandpa has some fun with this and applies it to Blacks to see how silly that sounds. Never let them get away with this tactic. We must call them out on it and mock them for it, displaying it for all the world to see their deceptive practices.

The listener’s questions and comments segment is jam packed with good material this week and first up is from Pepe of Arabia via Twitter, concerning what a Trump Presidency would actually look like in the context of foreign relations.

Next up from the Daily Stormer Comments section Kennedy has a comment about dealing with family members and mudsharking in general. Also addressed is a question about what would happen if the Chinese start genetically engineering super humans while we're bogged down in the Nig swamp.

Back to Twitter and John Jacobs has a question as to the correlation between the overall health (or lack thereof) of a society and sexual degeneracy. Why does there seem to be a direct link between the two?

The next question comes via Daily Stormer again and Glorious Waffen SS asks how cultural nationalism fits in with White Nationalism, such as the pride southern Whites feel toward the south as a separate entity from the United States itself. What does this look like and how does it fit in with the fact that in much of the South, Blacks are outbreeding Whites by a considerable margin.
The final question is from Twitter and a Mr. Schnapps, who wishes to revisit a topic from the previous week from Blood of Thor, as to boots on the ground action.

This week’s episode is jam packed with insight, commentary and fun so make sure you listen in to Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Mean Words are NOT the Same as Head-Choppings – GL 090616


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