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Thoughts of the Day returns, where Grandpa Lampshade tackles all the topics that are most important to us in our day to day struggle in this movement. He begins by talking about the Alt-Right in general and all of the different factions that make it up. Grandpa gives us an illustration to think about of a group of different armies from various countries being forced to camp together in alliance against an opposing force. Many of these different factions have fought one another in the past and tensions can sometimes run very high. He reminds us to try and call for calm and to remember that we should keep our fire directed at the enemy and not on our allies. However, this can becomes futile when it is the allies who are constantly taking shots at us. So what do we do? If we expend our energy running around attacking anyone who refuses to fall in line with us then we will quickly find our camp dissolving into chaos. This is not what we should be doing. What we need to do is single out the top instigator and then make an example of them and this brings us to the flaming elephant in the room: Milo. For the sake of morale and unity the time has come to finally deal with the Milo issue. Thankfully by his Jewish nature, Milo himself has given us an opportunity on a plate to deal with this issue. The upside is huge for us and the possible downside is very small. Grandpa Lampshade lays out what he believes will be an effective strategy for dealing with this subversive kike once and for all.

A lot of the time we who support National Socialism as a viable alternative to the absolute mess that we have now are ridiculed and called stupid and uninformed for our position. However, it is always funny that those who do this never provide an answer as to what is a better idea. A return to Muh Democracy? It would seem that we have had enough of that. Communism? Virtually nobody thinks that would be a good idea. Monarchy? Only if you make Grandpa Lampshade your King! The fact remains that the modern democracies of the West are crumbling and will have to be replaced with something. We who have looked at National Socialism believe it is very much a viable alternative.

Grandpa Lampshade wraps up the show with a quick rundown of the latest happenings in the world of vibrancy. Kebab happenings and chimpouts have nearly become a day-to-day occurrence in our world today and these incidents are taking a huge toll on our enemy's ability to control the narrative. As the people at large become immune to being called ‘racist’ the question has to start arising in people's minds, "Why are these creatures here?" quickly followed by "And what shall we do with them?" These happenings are doing a great job of moving the normies further in our direction.

All we have to do is keep achieving our goals one step at a time until we reach the ultimate goal: victory!

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – The Flaming Elephant Scholarship Fund – GL 092716 

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