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Homeland Report: Return to Hungary


Our Hungarian Nationalist from an earlier Homeland Report is back to talk some more about his country and the internal issues which are effecting it. Starting with the News that Obama’s TTIP initiative has fallen through, he explains the economic situation in Hungary and how Viktor Orban has been enriching his friends at the nation’s expense. Although Orban may appear to support nationalist principles, the reality in Hungary is very different.

Hungary receives a lot of money from the EU for development and this has enabled Orban and his cronies to become very rich. The migrant invasion has been very useful for him, as he has been able to distract people with their crimes, so that they do not notice his own. He recently changed the constitution to enable his party to stay in power for 12 years and even Jobbik have now lessened their previous Nationalist stance. In April a letter was released by the Roma gypsy community confirming that Orban is a gypsy, clearing up any confusion over whether he was part Jewish.

After covering the internal politics of Hungary, Berg talks a bit about Russia and what the general feeling towards Putin is. The Hungarians know that the USSR was a Jewish enterprise and they do see the new Russia as being different and there is a lot of support for Putin’s Nationalist policies, however there is still a hint of imperialism to Putin’s rhetoric and Berg uses a couple of quotes to show this before explaining that although Russia is nationalist, it does contain many different nationalities.

Where Hungary used to just have a Jewish problem, it now also has an Arab problem with rich Moslems buying up expensive hotels at knock down prices. Orban has also been selling off vast parcels of arable land behind closed doors to Israeli farm conglomerates, which will mean small Hungarian farmers now having to work for the Jews. The Catholic church used to have a good policy on how to deal with situations like this where the Jews are taking advantage of the native population and Berg elaborates on this with the help of quotes from St Thomas Aquinas.

Finally he tells us about Zsolt Bayer, a politically incorrect journalist who was recently given an award by Orban. This caused many Jews to return their own medals as they did not want to be in the same company as this supposedly notorious anti-Semite. Berg explains that the author is not really that anti-Jewish and is far more anti-gypsy than anything else.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Reichenberg

Homeland Report: Return to Hungary – HR 090516


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  1. Hungary does not call them self Hungary, but Magyarorszag and their language is now MADE UP mostly with Slavic words, 75% of Huns- Magyarorszag DNA is SLAVIC. HUNS are SLOVANS who were FORCED to speak HUNO-MAGYAR- Turkish language. HUNS DOES NOT EXIST, the name Hungary is crap, because ALL HUNS were KILLED or chase out of Europe, shortly after Atila dead !!!!,,,, here is Atila looks by "JORDANES" Roman Historian who was sent by Rome to wrote for Hus, because HUNS DID NOT have written language and vocabulary of Huns were 1000 words >>>>>>>
    Atila looks : "He was short of stature, with a broad chest and a large head; his eyes were small, his beard thin and sprinkled with gray; and he had a flat nose and a swarthy complexion**, showing the evidences of his origin"........ATILA DEAD ...."Shortly before he died, as the historian Priscus relates, he took in marriage a very beautiful girl named Ildico, after countless other wives, as was the custom of his race. He had given himself up to excessive joy at his wedding, and as he lay on his back, heavy with wine and sleep, a rush of superfluous blood, which would ordinarily have flowed from his nose, streamed in deadly course down his throat and killed him, since it was hindered in the usual passages. Thus did drunkenness put a disgraceful end to a king renowned in war. On the following day, when a great part of the morning was spent, the royal attendants suspected some ill and, after a great uproar, broke in the doors. There they found the death of Attila accomplished by an effusion of blood, without any wound, and the girl with downcast face weeping beneath her veil. (255) Then, as is the custom of that race, they plucked out the hair of their heads and made their faces hideous with deep wounds, that the renowned warrior might be mourned, not by effeminate wailings and tears, but by the blood of men. Moreover a wondrous thing took place in connection with Attila's death."""""" Shortly after Atila dead all Huns were defeated and rest of them chase beyond black sea and never returned !!!!!

    HUNS were TURKO- MONGOLIAN shit race of swines. HUNS - Magyars have FALSE history. There were LARGE population of jews in Magyarorszag , NOTHING good EVER came from Hungary and never WILL !!!


    1. Hungarians do not claim to be descended from Atilla the Hun:

      'Attila was regarded in past centuries as an ancestral ruler of the Hungarians, but this is now considered to be inaccurate.[1] It is believed that the origin of the name "Hungary" does not come from the Central Asian Hun nomadic invaders, but rather from Magyar tribes that were part of a Bulgar alliance called "On-Ogur", which in Bulgar Turkic meant "(the) Ten Arrows".[2] They entered what is now Hungary in the 7th century AD.'

      There are also conflicting reports of what Atilla and his Huns looked like, depending on how hostile or friendly the source was.

    2. Read the whole volume of Jordanes and there is a RACE description of HUNS and then look for the Magyars !!! Or stick your head to sand !!!

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfIgJCygLho The original version of this video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N05zd...

    Former vice-president of the Hungarian Academy of the Sciences, the most prestigious learned society in Hungary, Miklós Maróth gives an unscripted and honest view about illegal third world migration and the devastation it will cause if Europeans allow it to continue.

    To sum up his viewpoint, let's just say it is to "wrap them in pig skin!"

    Wiki article on the Academy and its work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungari...

    Article on Miklós Maróth (Hungarian): https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mar%C3%...