Radio Aryan Roundtable: The Power of Provocative Propaganda


Sven Longshanks, Grandpa Lampshade and Zeiger are back with another Radio Aryan Roundtable and Zeiger starts the program off with a presentation on how to succeed with your propaganda efforts, using the recent Pokemon GO Nazi Challenge as a case study. There were complaints from some about this recent recruitment effort and Zeiger takes the time to address these complaints one by one before detailing the sort of planning that should take place for embarking on a project like this.

You should know exactly who your target audience is before you start and tailor what you are doing to suit them, you will need to stand out from the crowd and you also need to avoid certain pitfalls such as appearing generic or boring. Advertising companies like to shock people as this has proved effective in selling a product, so we should be following their example and doing the same. This is a subject that has been studied extensively by advertising companies and we should be making use of their findings.

After analysing how the Pokemon Challenge measured up to these standards, Zeiger opens the subject up for discussion and Grandpa and Sven talk about how propaganda needs to be kept as simple as possible, so that everyone can understand it. A picture can tell a thousand words and the improvements to online image manipulation technology have been a big help to us in simplifying the message. By being extreme we also make the more moderate among us look more acceptable, which is a tactic the homosexuals have been using for decades with their ‘Gay Pride’ demonstrations.

Next up is Grandpa’s presentation, which is based on a report from an American correspondent embedded in a Moscow Foreign Policy think tank. The Russians believe that Clinton is trying to drum up support for a war against Russia and they have plenty of evidence to prove it. Grandpa goes through the list of insults that Clinton has thrown at Putin and asks whether this is really the behaviour of a sane woman? Putin is the leader of a world power that is allied with another formidable nation, the Chinese, and threatening and insulting him is not statesman-like behaviour.

Putin would rather see Trump as president because Trump wants to do what is best for America. This means making peace with Russia, as that is what is most likely to increase prosperity for Americans. This goes to show that Nationalism for every country is of benefit to every country. It is when countries start doing what is best for the bankers that the problems arise.

Sven finishes the podcast with a short piece on the cannibal president of Equatorial Guinea, showing that it does not matter how respectable a position the Negro has, he will always revert to type as soon as he gets a chance to.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Grandpa Lampshade and Zeiger

Radio Aryan Roundtable: The Power of Provocative Propaganda - RT 091216

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