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Radio Free Northwest: The Donald Trump Permission Slip


Harold Covington presents another edition of Radio Free Northwest and starts with a book review from Gretchen. This week she is discussing Goodbye Transylvania by Hans Landau about a Romanian Saxon who joins the Waffen SS. The author and his friends all wanted to join the Luftwaffe or the SS but at first he becomes a translator in the Ukraine. He gets called home to join the Romanian army and then learns that the SS will be recruiting. He joins and heads to the East, gaining an Iron Cross, before being placed in the Gestapo tasked with investigating discrimination against Germans. He ends up getting captured by the Russians, freed due to injury and heads for Austria before ending up in the British Zone and working in the Carpathians. After the war is over he ends up in England and counts himself lucky he was not in Romania when the Communists took over and kicked the Saxons out.

This is quite an amazing story and Gretchen points out that he does not have much of a pedigree and by Himmler’s standards, was really too short for the SS. The German government cannot find any of his papers either, but she does believe his tale is plausible. There is no mention in the book of the Iron Guard, which is a bit suspicious, but Gretchen did find it enjoyable and inspiring.

Harold then returns to talk about Donald Trump and the balloon going up. There are many instances from history that give us hope that something could happen, but only if our people were to regain their balls. This would appear to depend upon Donald Trump having the balls to do something, if Clinton tries some kind of back room fraud in order to make her the president and not him. We now have a man on our side who could actually provide the permission slip that American White males have been waiting for, but does he really have what it takes to do this and what form would it take if he did? Would the army switch to supporting him if he raised his standard in the event of overt subversion of the electoral process by Clinton?

The last part of the podcast is taken up with a recent interview Harold did with Mike Harris from Veteran’s Today. Every day our situation gets closer to that described in Harold’s books and Mike asks him for his insight into what may be around the corner. Both agree that they do not endorse Trump, yet both will be voting for him and if things do fall through with Trump, then at least Americans still have the Northwest Republic to proclaim for themselves.

Presented by Harold Covington 

Radio Free Northwest: The Donald Trump Permission Slip – RFN 061116

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