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Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance Part 2


Harold Covington brings us the long awaited second episode of Ghostdance and begins with a short summary of his reasons for producing this, before reminding us that none of what is going on could continue, if we would just resist. It is not a question of whether we would win or not, the question is whether we will attempt it. We know that we will win if we do. The North West Republic is the only plan being put into action at the moment to preserve the White race and all it needs is man power and resources.

If you are listening to this podcast, then you have already shown that you have taken the first step. America is not going to get better unless in some way or another we make those who are doing this to us stop. Twenty years ago this project was started and people are still doing the same that they were back then. The internet has been useful, but things need to be taken off the internet and put into practice. A small amount of money regularly donated and moving to the North West is all that is required to make a proper start.

Harold runs through the typical life cycle of the White American male. From the college boy, to the brow-beaten husband with the feminist wife, to being the racist brother stuck behind while everyone else was able to get a job and move on. No matter what type of man you are, every day you will be made to suffer for being that gender in our gynocentric society.This is just going to get worse as the economy deteriorates, the borders crumble and the locusts pour in to feast on all that our ancestors provided for us.

First we need to work out why we are like this and why we are not resisting and second, we need to rectify that and rekindle the faintly lit ember of courage that our ancestors left us.
Harold believes a large part of the problem is learned helplessness and concentrates on explaining what this is and what can be done about it for the rest of the podcast.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Ghostdance Part 2 – RFN 092916

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  1. the pic is twisted: the jewish thing should be in the left hand, the aryan right hand is lifted in the salute + the left hand path of the zohar jewish evil magic , make correction

    1. Yes, but the Aryan enlightenment is on our right when looking at it.