Radio Free Northwest: Harold’s Fantasy


Harold Covington starts this week’s podcast by telling us about a fantasy he has, of young White men working in an office building for the North West Front. Putting in 12 hour days productively working to achieve the 14 words, instead of just talking and tweeting on the internet. He has no staff to do things for him so when something comes up, he has to pre-record the podcast early, like this week.

In the next segment Gretchen discusses a Journal of De-Radicalisation article dealing with the PEGIDA movement. They formed in Dresden in 2014 as a counter reaction to a Kurdish organisation there. They use an interesting strategy to stay clear of hate speech legislation by saying we should help refugees, but stay out of Islamic conflicts. They say the refugees are so traumatised that there are not enough social workers for them and the federal funding to deal with them is not available. That Germany will never be able to cope and the social problems associated will continue to increase until there is mass deportation and sanction of them, but with assimilation where possible. They believe that once stringent laws are in place, the refugees will go back of their own accord.

Gretchen thinks the movement is similar to the Trump movement and lists some of these similarities. They favour the hard line that Putin takes on the Middle East, but side with Liberal values. They are anti-Globalist, anti-US, anti NATO and believe in ethno-pluralism, so despite the Liberalism, they still get classed as right wing extremist movement by the writers of the journal. Gretchen thinks this Liberalism is a bit of a fig leaf and though the movement peaked in January 2015 when 25,000 Germans took to the streets, there are still around 2,000 people who turn up for their weekly street walk. At this point in time, they are till the biggest street movement in the world advocating for European interests.

More from the Mike Harris interview with Harold follows and the conversation centres around the Trump phenomenon and how terrified the media is to see that half the country no longer pays any attention to what they say. Harold talks about what he sees happening if Trump wins the presidency and what would happen if Clinton wins. He correctly identifies Hillary’s ill health, which made itself shown to all last weekend when she collapsed at the 911 memorial on Sunday. He believes she has a list of people that she wants to get even with and will use the position for her own personal vendettas. President Hillary Clinton features in Harold’s novels and president Chelsea after her if people want to read more about his predictions.

George Soros has given millions of dollars to the BLM movement and Harold explains that if he had that money, we would have that White homeland already. Black Lies Matter has failed miserably because they boo people off the stage when they say All Lives Matter and Harold thinks it is basically just Kill Whitey all over again. Occupy was the street arm of Obama’s election campaign and BLM is the street arm of Hillary’s campaign. If she gets elected, he believes it will just disappear as it could not exist without Soros writing the cheques for it.

Harold also talks about Radio Free Northwest, how when he started there were relatively few podcasts around and now there are hundreds. Mike points out that as the podcast figures have increased, the listening figures for the mainstream media have decreased. He finishes the podcast by pointing out who it really is that is trying to harm us and what their endgame is.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Harold’s Fantasy – RFN 091516

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