Radio Free Northwest: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Harold Covington starts the show by letting us know he is under 24 hour surveillance and has to be careful what he says. This does impair his ability to get involved in projects online, but if you get yourself over to the Pacific Northwest you too could take part in some exciting activism. We do have a problem with people being unable to keep quiet about things and this does come down to the character issue again. Harold cannot discuss the progress of the NWF due to the risks involved, but things are moving forward.

Lord Lucan is up next ruminating on when murder is not murder. Farrakhan has called for the genocide of the White race, Mohammed has called for the genocide of all unbelievers and Jew are permitted to kill us, but are not explicitly ordered to do so. None of these groups will be charged with incitement to murder though, as they are all not-White. Guerrilla armies and lone wolves are compared and contrasted, along with the likelihood of a mutiny succeeding, before Lucan signs off leaving you wanting to play his part straight over again.

After that we get some more from Harold’s interview with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, where he talks about his involvement with Combat 18. They were really created by Gerry Gable from Searchlight magazine, who was looking for a story. Thanks to his hoax, football hooligans thought they would make his fantasy real and used Harold’s PO Box address in the States to get around the free speech laws in Britain. The BBC series Panorama also helped to blow the C18 story right out of proportion and it led to a lot of covert support for them.

Next he talks about Donald Trump and what is so appealing about him. Trump knows what people want to hear and he wants to be the man who gets to say these things out loud. He is the only politician in America to address immigration as a problem, rather than something we should be celebrating. This brings the conversation around to the invasion of Europe and Harold lets us know what he has heard about the mud-flood from in America, before finishing up with his views on Brexit and the best way for Brits to emigrate to the Pacific North West.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Loose Lips Sink Ships – RFN 090116

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