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Radio Free Northwest: A Rising Tide Lifts all Ships


Harold Covington presents the latest episode of Radio Free Northwest and starts with a new segment of ‘Who Guards the Guardians’ pointing out the failures and weaknesses in the intelligence organisations that led to the recent Islamic terror attacks in America. There was a time when the only Islamic attacks we had were set up by the FBI, but now we appear to have genuine ones and Harold sets about explaining why.

Two years ago Obama did away with the borders of the United States and the hordes of savages started flooding in. It was pointed out at the time that many of these smelly, swarthy, olive-skinned males of military age were unable to speak Spanish and did not behave like Mexicans, but still thousands of unaccompanied minors were let in as well as Somalians on top, none of whom were given any decent background checks. It is this uncontrolled immigration that is the cause of these Islamic attacks and more are on the way.

Gretchen reviews Guillaume Faye’s ‘The Colonisation of Europe’ this week which was written 16 years ago and warns of how Islam adapts itself to the environment it finds itself in, appearing moderate to most of the host population when the Moslems are in the minority and moving to extremism once they reach enough numbers. The author believes Europe will have to go through a period of civil war before it wakes up, but thinks the EU is a good idea and wants to see a Euro-Siberian alliance. He sees Europe as having a promethean mission that is being held back by caring for the third world. Technological advances need to be kept in White hands. Gretchen very much recommends the book, even if it does take the form of an extra long rant.

The Trucker calls in from upstate Idaho and then Charles Martel drops by Harold’s studio for a light-hearted chat about Trump, Hillary and Obama. At least Hillary does have some background that can be checked, Obama has none. Nobody remembers him from his childhood, he just appears at law school and then runs for the senate leaving no paper trail whatsoever. Trump’s history is clear for all to see and even if he doesn’t come through with his promises, a rising tide lifts all ships and he has finally made it acceptable for people to speak their mind in public.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: A Rising Tide Lifts all Ships – RFN 092116

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