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The Daily Traditionalist: America is in a Mess


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Miles Blyth, the HR Rep for the TWP on the eve of the Georgia Hammer Fest for Friday’s episode of The Daily Traditionalist. The two have an informal discussion on the effects of Liberalism on young people and the founding of the United States. Miles talks about how he came to embrace Nationalism, after seeing the constant demonisation of straight White males. He realised that there is nothing you can do to be a good guy with the Left. If everything they say is good is really bad, then everything they say is bad must be good and this lead him to reading Nietzsche and deciding to be a bad goy. The last form of rebellion left open to young people now is Nationalism.

Miles talks about thinking about how your life progresses, how you get older have a family, produce your own children and in a functioning society each generation should have a better than the one before. However in fifty years time if we are a minority, life is not going to be worth living for our descendants. We are demonised now while we are the majority, we could be legislated out of all existence by that time. How can people be so irresponsible as just to produce children without trying to make life better for them?

Matt likens this to being a frontiersman struggling against wolves, bears and Indians in order to build a homestead. This leads on to a discussion on the idealism of the founding fathers and how they could not have foreseen how it would all turn out in reality. America is in a mess and this has to be accepted before anything can be done to fix it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Miles Blyth

The Daily Traditionalist: America is in a Mess – DT 093016


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