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The Daily Traditionalist: Johnson’s Law in Syria


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about Johnson’s Law. This is the rule that the further a country is from America, the more the media can lie about it. Sometimes these lies are not deliberate, they just come from ignorance, as in the case of Gary Johnson who today admitted that he knew nothing about the volatile conditions in the Middle East and did not even know that Aleppo was in Syria. Dr Johnson thinks he is in good company, as most of the American administration appear to be clueless about what is happening in the Middle East. Assad is being accused of dropping chlorine gas on his people, yet the Syrian government are winning, so why would they go dropping chlorine from a jet to kill just one person and encourage more recruits for his enemies?

The Rebels are having to fall back and the Syrian government are now just mopping up the stragglers. This has not been a civil war, it has been a foreign invasion by proxies. ISIS and the other Jihadi groups could not operate without the full permission and assistance from Mossad, the CIA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It costs billions of dollars to fund a mercenary army capable of taking on a wealthy sovereign nation with a popular government and a modern military. They have to have international support, they even have a fleet of oil tankers operating under all the spy satellites.

Turkey appears to have flip-flopped again, Erdogan was threatening to leave NATO five years ago, but now is in an alliance with Russia and Dr Johnson believes this will make him a target for these proxies and we will now see a lot of terrorist attacks in Turkey. Recently there was what looked like an engineered car crash involving Putin’s chauffer and Dr Johnson thinks there must be assassination attempts on Putin all the time, which makes you wonder who they have to succeed him when he goes?

Putin has removed a lot of the western influence in Russia by removing the NGO’s, all of whom were either fronts for corporate capital or the CIA. There are two main groups that have been trying to subvert Russia, Zionist Protestants on the one side and extremist Moslems on the other. The recent law that is being publicised as ‘banning Christianity’ is really just the removal of this Christian Zionism from Russia. By putting sanctions on Russia, the west lost a lot of support from among the Russian people but it has also meant that a lot of the banking system has had to be nationalised and these sanctions have pushed this nationalisation process way ahead of time.  If Trump is elected and recognises Crimea, this nationalisation process will increase and we will have peace, but if Clinton is elected, then a war with Russia is going to be highly likely to appease the big corporations who want their cut of the country.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Johnson’s Law in Syria – DT 090816


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