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The Daily Traditionalist: Seeing Stars for the First Time


Jason Augustus from 14 Sacred Words joins Matthew Heimbach for the Thursday edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about his music and his recent move from New York City to Indiana. Jason is also the propaganda chief for the TWP and now that he is closer to the party HQ, it should be a lot easier for them to work together as a team.

Moving from New York to Indiana is a big step to take and it is one that Jason feels most people wish they could do, but there is an inbuilt fear of actually moving away from the city to somewhere that you will have to find new employment. Our ancestors were willing to cross seas and mountains in all seasons looking for a more independent and prosperous life and moving from New York to Indiana is not anywhere near as hard as what the pioneers went through, but it is still hard to let go of the bonds that have been built up.

America is full of Nationalists, but they are all spread out miles apart from one another. If we are serious about the 14 words then we need to be putting that at the forefront of how we are living and that means building White communities. Just moving within a comfortable drive of others can be a big help in terms of support. Once you have your own family your children are going to need other racially aware kids to play with and that can only be achieved if we are living close to one another.

Areas like New York and Los Angeles are too large to be recovered by us, we need to be picking the battles that we can win. The Turner Diaries are not something that is feasible, as it would mean a huge death toll on our side. It is much better to seek a peaceful separation from America, with a region which is already majority White. Jason feels many city nationalists are not interested in raising the next generation, or preparing for the future, but are aiming for a constant war zone instead.

Matt points to Orania as a model White community. This White enclave has been built from scratch without a shot being fired. No Blacks can be employed there, the only language spoken is Afrikaneer and the symbol on their flag shows someone rolling their sleeves up to work, rather than preparing to fight.

Jason and Matt finish the podcast by discussing some of the contrasts between city and country. The light pollution in the cities is now so bad that the only stars people see are on the tv and there are no open spaces. Jason likens it to coming out of a synthetic world into reality, similar to Neo in the Matrix film. Nationalism is about being in touch with nature and obeying the laws of nature. We need nature to keep us grounded, to be divorced from that means separating yourself from the rest of creation.

Matt will be speaking at the Hammer Fest in Georgia this weekend and Jason will be producing a full album of 14 Sacred Words material towards the end of October.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Seeing Stars for the First Time – DT 092916


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