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The Daily Traditionalist: Socialism and National Socialism


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist, looking at the difference between Socialism and National Socialism using the modern incarnations of the mainstream Left for the Socialist example. The Labour Party recently re-elected Jeremy Corbyn, who is openly Socialist and at the Labour Party conference yesterday his shadow finance minister affirmed publicly that they are now proud to be the Socialist party of Britain. While the idea of achieving social justice for all classes may be a noble one, this can really only be achieved through National Socialism.

Where the Left fall down is in their belief that there is no divisions or distinctions between the races. They believe that taking from a wealthy White man and giving it to a lazy Black man is a lawful way to achieve parity, but this is really just theft on a grand scale. If money and resources go from rich Whites to poor Whites, those resources are still held within the ethnic group that created them. They will then continue to circulate within that group, directed towards where they are most needed and can best be made use of. If any of these resources are diverted to another group, then they cease to be circulated and instead are siphoned off to the other group.

The more people there are in a country, the more benefit they are to the bankers, even if they do no work and just claim on benefits, as each person is worth a unit of collateral to the government when they go to the central bank to borrow their money for the budget each year. So the more people there are, the more the government is able to borrow money to placate the masses and the banks then stand to gain more interest on that debt. The debt is paid through our taxes and as we know, it is the White man that pays the majority of those taxes. This is why whoever is in government claims that more immigrants is better for the economy. They do not factor in the social problems associated with immigration. Jeremy Corbyn has said today that he wants more immigration and he wants more money to deal with the adverse effects, but of course it is the White man who will eventually end up paying the bill for this, on top of all the social problems which can never be compensated for with money.

Matt suggests that this idea that everyone is just an economic unit can be traced back further than Marx to the original atheism of the Jews, who worship themselves rather than God and see materialism as the ultimate good. If Jewish values are carried through until the logical end, the host country will be stripped of all it’s resources and run into the ground, as we saw happen in Russia. This does not affect the Jew though, as he can then just move on to the next host. Nationalism is the antidote to this, as it honours the spirit of the race that lasts for all time and prevents harm being done to the ancestors memory or the next generation’s future.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Socialism and National Socialism – DT 092816


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