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The Daily Traditionalist: Sodomy is Satanic


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Sven Longshanks for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss how the new concept of ‘homosexuality’ grew out of a satanic ritual that was mocking the marriage act. The idea that a man could have a sexual relationship with another man and they would be the equal of a heterosexual couple is entirely new. Sodomy originally formed part of a black magic ritual, intended as a way to desecrate the life creating semen. As such it was entirely reviled and rightly seen as the ultimate blasphemy. This was carried out by black magicians and alchemists, not people claiming to be born with an attraction to their own gender.

With the freedoms now given to sodomites and the radical redefinition given to their despicable act, homosexual behaviour has now even seeped into the accepted behaviour of straight people. Queers sleep with as many partners as possible, whereas the White heterosexual way was always to have one partner for life. Now straight men feel that they too should have as many partners as possible and base their own self-worth on this.

Dr Johnson explains that our understanding of the word love has changed over the years, so that when we read of love in the past such as in ancient Greece, we think it must mean sexual love, but this is not so, as shown by the fact that the Spartans and Greeks would exercise in the nude. This would not have been possible if there had been any impropriety involved. Similarly, Greek statues of nudes like the one above minimise the genitalia to emphasize restraint, not indulgence.

Years ago a woman would marry the man her parents told her to and this is the original meaning of ‘honour your father and mother’. This meant that every man had a wife and every woman was cared for. If the couple were lucky, they may fall in love later in life, but this was never something to initially base a marriage upon. Love was something you had for your friends, family and community, it was never confused with lust as it is today. ‘Love your enemies’ had a completely different meaning at the time it was written to what most people assume it means today. Even in the middle ages to love someone just meant to deal honestly with them.

The subversion of our society by the sodomites runs a lot deeper than most of us are aware of.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Sodomy is Satanic – DT 092716


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