The Daily Traditionalist: Stormer Book Club Report


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Monday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and starts by talking about his recent trip to meet with other Daily Stormer commenters at his local book club. Meeting up with fellow nationalists off-line is very important for building support networks and for general socialising. As well as talking about recent activism and Nationalist politics, the group were also taking part in self defence lessons. Men used to regularly meet in pubs like this to put the world to rights and get away from their nagging wives, but due to the infantilising of men and the closure of many pubs, this is no longer a regular thing for most of us.

Matt points out how too many video games and movies can negatively impact a young man’s social skills and Sven explains how binge drinking came about through the increase in alcohol cost in pubs and people getting drunk at home first, before going out. Socialising has changed a lot over the years and where once a young man would meet with all generations in the pub, most now just see their own age range. Women are also attracted to men in groups that are not competing among each other but co-operating with each other. They feel at ease in a situation like this and are far more likely to talk to a group of affable men than they are to individuals that look like they are out on the pull and conspicuously trying to impress women.

The subject of masculinity comes up and the White man’s ability to grow a luxurious beard. According to early racial science the original Negro and Chinaman were unable to grow beards and the fact that the White man could, showed that our race was more mature and fully grown than the others. The fact that some Negroes now have beards shows that they are mulattoes. Matt encourages men to grow well-kept beards as a sign of being anti-feminist, as feminists hate them.

Meeting up with other Nationalists highlights how petty a lot of the divisions in Nationalism are. It is being White and advocating for your race that matters, not how you do it. Things which can seem like big issues online, cease to have such importance when you meet with people who are all on the same side. Matt and Sven encourage everyone to do their best to get to a Book Club meeting, if there isn’t one in your country/area, then you should start one.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Stormer Book Club Report – DT 090516

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